What would have been an ideal response?
Ryan Aslett

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the question.
It’s a good one, and I think there are a lot of different answers.
In this case, I really wanted to start with a conversation opening and questions being asked, both inside the organizing committee and with the community at large. Is this true? Who are DigiWomen? Why is this feedback coming to us? Why is it coming now? Is it something our mission statement should be handling?
For sure, after asking all of those questions, maybe it could be decided there was no problem.
However, the approach was instead to tell DigiWomen, a huge women-in-tech org here in Ireland, that the conf was women friendly, period. 
I think there was an opportunity for investigation, learning and growth that was not taken at the time.
I understand they are beginning to consider things now, but it’s after many other people already opened the conversation and asked the questions. They should have been the lead on that, in my opinion.

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