Cooking can help relax you?

Yes it can! First pick your favorite pandora station, pour your favorite glass of wine, beer, or mint seltzer water whatever your drink of choice is and close your eyes as you take in the first sip and sounds!

Take out a frying pan and place some garlic, thyme olive oil in there and let it sit for 2 min. Open up the container of fresh plump heirloom tomatoes.

Take a deep breathe in of the sent in your kitchen as you wash the tomatoes.

Place them in frying pan/skillet and take out a pot. Fill that pot with some water and let it boil and then make pasta.

Add some rosemary to your tomatoes and a little more olive oil. Let all those scents take over while you dance in the kitchen.

Smell the mouth watering scents of warm olive oil in all the herbs as the tomatoes start to open. The crisp smell of the tomatoes with the dry scents of herbs will release your stress and help you be calm and focused.

After 15–20 min place olive oil on pasta with tomatoes and enjoy a delicious relaxing dish with your favorite glass and mix of music!!

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