A childhood story

When I was around 9 years old I was big into coming home from school doing my homework and then going outside to play with all the neighborhood kids. I came home from an awful day of 3rd grade due to the rainy weather that put our teacher in a bad mood and everyone else just super sleepy.

When I used to ride the school bus home which was usually super fun with all of my friends and it made us think that riding the bus was what freedom tasted like. Those were the days.

But the rain ruined all of that too.

I got home and find out that all of my friends cant go outside because it was raining.

I was super down. Lameness all day long. ALL DAY LONG.

My mom is the most energetic person I know and she asked me why I was so down?

And I told her all the millions of way that the rain has ruined my life that day.

She opened our window and said “ People are not suppose to shy away from the rain and the people that do are a bunch of losers. God created rain for us to enjoy.”

She then told me that playing in the rain was her favorite thing to do as child.

And told me the beautiful myth about if you leave your hair down and let it get wet from the rain that it will nourish it and grow. (up to this day I believe every word my beautiful mother told me)

So we went and ran around in the rain and went to our neighborhood playground and slid down the wet and slippery slides and didn't care that our feet were getting muddy and the tip of our toes getting cold. I felt it was the fastest I ever moved and I could feel the gravity pulling on me but being able to control my feet to not slip and fall.

We got home and my mom looked at me and said “Go get your friends and tell them what I told you.”

I did. My friends believed every word, even the “hair growing” tip.

Here’s a picture of the beautiful woman I call mom. If you can’t tell which is her, she’s the oldest one out of the 3 babies.

And I am the ugly baby she’s holding.