A theory founded in the wild wild west

The only places I have been or visited is the great southern states. I have been raised in Florida my whole life and visited Georgia and Alabama before. I have lived all over the city of Chicago and thats it. Thats the amazing travel life of Naomi Curapil.

I went to Utah this past weekend. Thats right…Utah. When I would tell people from work or friends that I was going to Utah for four days they all responded the same way. They would stop to make sure they heard me right and ask “Why Utah?” or “What the heck is in Utah?” , “Thats really far away and random..why?”.

I would smile and explain that I have really amazing friends there that I havent seen in a while.

And there is an amazing LDS general conference happening as well. ( if you want some serious counsel that is 2000x better then the crap I am writing right now . go to this link!


I landed in Utah on March 30th. I got picked up by Lexie and it was so sweet being able to talk to her and catch up. We wanted food so we went to the great and glorious “ IN and OUT”.

As we were eating and conversing she turns her head and we realize a few guys that we know that were once “elders” to us walk through the door. What are the chances. I kind of freeze because I realized that I wasnt mentally ready to see everyone that I havent seen in a period of 2 years now and they walk over and hug me.

They sit down and call us over. So we went and caught up in each others lives.

I think the main thing about not being mentally ready to see everyone is because of the same question I would be getting asking over and over again.

“So what have you been up to since you been home”

“So what are you doing now?”

I didnt express the following facts:

  1. I just got laid of my job
  2. dating life sucks
  3. I have not started any kind of college classes
  4. I have nothing figured pls dont ask me again because I might panic since everyone I talk to is making me realize that my life is no where right now.

I would just kind of lie and at least say that I am just working at the moment.

But then something sweet happened.

My friend Amber texted me and I immediately wanted to see her. So Lexie and I and our guy friends. (lol debating whether or not putting their real names on here)

So we all go and sit down and then as they all started talking and catching up with each other , it was super cool to see that they dont really have much going on in their lives either. (muahaha I sound evil)

Let me explain my evil thought.

I met lots of new people.

I got to re-meet a lot of people I met a long time ago.

And I realized that we are all on the same boat.

A sail boat more specifically.

A boat with holes in it and with wild sails that are blowing every direction possible. A boat where sometimes the sea is calm and sometimes its raging. But a boat where we have the ability to patch up the holes and are trying to figure out the sails when we dont really know where we want to go, where we are just trying not to drown from the expectations of others, school, and pressure of a social and romantic life and the millions of decisions that are to be made in this time of our lives.

How dramatic am I.

I love it, gets the point across. Its who I am lolol

As I spoke with different people and had some one on one time with a few of my friends. As they told me about their lives and the things that are on their mind I took a closer look at their facial expression as they spoke, it was like looking a mirror. A mirror where when you would look in it, you didnt necessarily see yourself looking back but you when you look in this mirror you felt those feelings being reflected back to you.

In a world of young adults from ages 21–23 I realized that we are going through the exact same thing whether or not we are doing the same things. Like school, work, dating or whatever.

Mid way through my trip , me and Brit decided to go on a mini hike halfway up a mountain where we could see the town really clearly and had a very honest and vulnerable conversation. We just looked down at the tiny houses filled with college students and realized that we are all figuring it out.

And thats when we came to a conclusion especially after having such a spiritual experience from General Conference .

seriously guys… click on this link


Since we are all figuring it out right now. When is it over? When do we stop figuring life out?

dun dun dun!

We dont ever stop figuring life out.

depressing? NAH

FREAKING EXCITING! If you keep on having to make decisions and having to keep making plans for different times in our lives , it can only mean one thing.


We are doing something right!

Because once we figure one thing out, we move on to the next because we are living life!

I realized that “figuring life out” doesnt need to be filled with anxiety and fear.

It should be done with excitement and hope especially when you are making correct decisions.

I came across a quote one time and it said :

“It feels good to be lost in the right direction.”

breathe in

breathe out


Although I learned this great theory of mine about life as young adults, I know I will still have moments of panic.

but thats okay. cause thats when I call a few homies who are going through the same thing and we try to keep our sail boats in good standing.

Only had to go to the wild wild west to figure that out.

Now unto the next thing that needs to be figured out.