Experience needed

I got home from an 18 month mission trip 3 months ago. I was 19 years old and prepared to go at the age of 18. Which meant to work 2 jobs to have an income to last me 18 months. So I did. I went. Now I’m back. I am now 21 years old and I have no experience. Now I have experienced a lot on my mission of course. Being on my own and serving others and serving God taught me a lot. duh. But I got home with $0 in my bank account and in some serious need for a job. I worked in restaurants since I was 16 and at 12 years old I started cleaning condos with my mom. So trust me when I say I sure know how to make a good sandwich and make a bed. I am not a teenager anymore and felt like I needed an “adult” job. ( by “adult” I mean getting paid more then $9/hr and working less then 80 hours a week.) So with help from my older sister (haha I dont care if thats lame) she signed me up on all of these job hunting websites and applied for EVERYTHING. office jobs, postal jobs , assistant and receptionists job anything that wasn’t at a restaurant because I wanted (can you guess?) FREAKIN EXPERIENCE in something else. You know what all those non-related restaurant jobs said was a requirement ? That's FREAKIN right. EXPERIENCE. I was so annoyed because I felt like I was good for nothing and will not be given the opportunity to experience the wonderfulness of a 9am-5pm job that is opened Monday thru Friday. “EXPERIENCE NEEDED” was written on my forehead. “EXPERIENCE NEEDED” were the words that that popped up every time I blinked. You know what I thought of while I watched an episode from “Friends” for the millionth time? “ man, they probably have experience”. So annoying right? So I guess the point I am trying to make is that I need experience. Not only experience at an office job but experience in life. like forreals. I've never lived or visited anywhere that is not northern Florida or Chicago. I’ve never been in love. I’ve never been to a college class or even a cooking class. I’ve never volunteered to provide service after a natural disaster. What. The. Heck. Some serious anxiety has risen but its cool cause I got a job at a call center. cool right? I think so. Its an experience like no other. So I guess I can check that off my “experience needed” list. I had to remind myself a million times to be patient with myself. I am young so its okay if I don't have all the experience job-hunting jobs want me to have. Its cool. I got this. P.S SCREW YOU online job hunting websites for making doubt my life worth.

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