The dramatic effects of quitting your job

This picture was taken 4 hours before I had this experience and I posted it on IG with a creative caption.
“Do the following when the week can’t handle your level of not giving a crap.
Don’t have a care in the world 2. Call BFF 3. Eat Caribbean food 4. Beach”

The dramatic effects of quitting your job

You know those movies or shows that starts off about the main character being fed up by life or their bosses , find their significant other has been unfaithful and then all of a sudden they know what to do with their life and they get a makeover and it turns into a super cool movie or tv show. So thats kind of where I am in life but not really because I still dont have my crap together.

Let me explain. no please. Let me explain so you dont feel like you wasted your precious life on this story that might not benefit you in anyway cause this is pretty hilarious and beautifully dramatic.

So around mid-april there was talk about my department of the call center which is the bilingual agents who take healthcare payments was going to get cut off. The other department of the call center is what we call the “dark side” aka “The Sprint side” aka the agents who deal with Sprint callers with troubleshooting and all that good stuff (this knowledge will make more sense as you continue reading.)

So the rumor was true. Our bosses told us that we were over and they were very sorry blah blah blah.

To make up for the horrible news they said “ If you’re interested you can apply for the Sprint side and start that training in a week.”

So the awful thing about the Dark side or the Sprint side is that they do triple the work, their shifts are 10 hours long and get paid $3 whole dollars less then we did in Healthcare.

SOOOO not worth it. But what the heck. why not? I told myself.

Fast forward. I got interviewed and got offer to start Sprint training.

Fast forward. Being back at work that Monday felt like the first day of school. I saw familiar faces and had my old trainer who trained me for the Healthcare side for the Sprint training.

We get trained in classrooms with computers. So it feels just like school…I hate high school it brings nothing but anxiety and sickening memories.

So from that first day I said “ Ok I’ll go through the training while looking for another job but I wont quit Sprint so I can have some income coming my way.

Fast forward. applied for jobs. No jobs in the panhandle of Florida

Fast forward. BOOM . I get into a freaking a car crash for no MOTHA FRICKIN REASON!

You know when you pull up into a destination and you kind of say “ HOLY CRAP how did I get here?” or “SHOOT I wonder if I ran any red lights”

The whole scary autopilot thing. thats the reason that caused for me to have a dramatic meltdown at work

SO 3–4 days after the accident I had a voicemail during my 30 minute lunch break that was already freaking terrible because I didnt bring lunch and I am not a fan of skipping meals or going hungry . So I was bound to freak out.

So I get a voicemail that says “ Hello. you are screwed little girl. the people you hit (which was some lame side hit , not dramatic and barely left a dent on their car.) Have reported some injuries and your policy doesn't cover it. call us back so we can give you clear detail on how you screwed up because of not paying attention you freaking buffoon!”

Pretty much sums it up.

As I hear those life ruining words everything slowed down and said a very bad word…out loud. I wont say what word. Use your imagination . In my head I was laughing but then my face felt wet. LOL ew why. Because apparently I am not a robot and tears BUCKETS of tears were flushing out of my eyes and my heart started racing and with hands shaking I ran to the bathroom went into a stall and just sat there trying to stop the tears that were making my sight blurry AND RUINING MY MASCARA while repeating the unnamed cuss word.

I sat on that dirty toilet and called my mom hahahah so lame . Since I didnt have a car my mom picked me up and dropped me off from work like the 21 year old child that I am.

She said she couldnt pick me up.

So what did I do?

I cleaned up my river of tears and walked out of the bathroom and instead of heading back to work . All of a sudden. Out of nowhere. I walked through the front doors of our building and started walking home.

I get home and the door was locked.

So I just cried again and sat on my front porch until my mom got home.

She walked up to the front door and asked what was wrong and asked what was I doing home.

We got to our living room and I told her everything as I took off my pants and left them on the living room floor and I dramatically got a blanket and fell flat on our couch and went to sleep.

I woke up hours later and realized that everything felt crappy…still.

I lost my good paying job and got what I like to relate it to being demoted cause of the crappy paycheck from Sprint and crashed my car and have to pay the injuries of some lady who I saw and I really didnt see any injuries so like what the crap life!!!!

I quit my crappy paying job and now…nothing is figured out for me. I didnt get a makeover. I havent discovered my passions. I havent paid anything yet. I dont have enough money for life. college feels like it will never happen because I am forever poor. Pls dont ask about the love life that I dont have. I still have communication issues with my parents. I still dont have a car. But I did go to the beach with a bff and called it a day.


any moment now….I’ll be those cool people who get revelation on what to do with themselves and all their problems get solved…


Everything will get figured out…right??

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