Farewell, Donald Trump

Chattel — an item of property that is not real estate.

So, Donald, sorry to break the unfortunate news, but women are not chattel. We are not up for grabs. Literally. Got that?

Women were not put on this earth as items designed expressly for your enjoyment, marital peccadillos, or lewd intentions. Nor were we put here to make you feel more powerful.

Quite frankly, Donald, men who are truly powerful don’t have the need to lord their power over others, particularly those they see as less powerful than they are. Truly powerful men need no external validation. Their power is grounded in humility, compassion, wisdom, honesty, magnanimity, and respect for others. You, Donald, possess none of these qualities. You may have money, but you lack the kind of power that can’t be bought.

Power usurped from those you see as less powerful isn’t even power. It’s bullying. It’s what small men do. Small men objectify women, stiff employees, renege on contracts, make threats, and force themselves on unwitting victims.

Small men exploit and manipulate. You, Donald, are a small man.

African-American author, James Baldwin, whose character, integrity, and principles made him far more of a man than you ever could be, even though he was gay, once said, “Ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have.”

Well, Donald, Baldwin described you to a tee, and justice is now being served.

The world is watching as you are hoisted by your own petard. The world is watching as your words and actions become your ultimate destruction.

You are going down, Donald, like the small man that you are. I hope your view from the bottom teaches you something. And even if it doesn’t, your life is an indelible example of what generations of parents will teach their children not to be.

Rest assured, you will be remembered.

Source: Sites.PSU.Edu