Module Three: Task 1- Teaching Technology

In one of my practical experience I have witnessed and participated in this notion of learning in a mathematical lesson. First the teacher explained and modelled to the students’ how to subtract two digit numbers together. The students remained in their seats whilst she demonstrated it on the board. From this, the teacher then got the students involved by working together as a class to sought out the equation, here the teacher was still guiding the students by talking it through with them step-by step. The teacher then wrote some subtraction equations on the board and the students worked independently to complete the equations based on the model and examples they had previously seen and completed.

In this situation the directed, guided and independently instruction really was beneficial. This is due to the fact that it was a new and difficult concept for the students to grasp. When the teacher modelled the first equation for the first time it got the students attention as it was something new to them. When they worked as a class all the students wanted to participate to see if they understood the concept. Lastly, they could put it into practice what they had learnt by independently working through different types of equation and seeing if they really understood it.

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