My Engagement Ring

Like every other girl, I, too dream of having a perfect bling on my ring finger, the day I say ‘Yes, I Do” to my dream man. I’ve grown up hearing about the large and sparkling engagement rings of Hollywood celebs and Royal ladies. Whenever I get a chance to look at these rings in newspapers, magazines, Internet, etc. my thirst for getting a dazzling ring increases manifolds.

Now, when that day is just some weeks ahead that my boyfriend is planning to propose me (I learnt this from his friend), I am looking forward to having the best ring from him. Here, I would like to clarify that best ring surely doesn’t mean the most expensive one. But, certainly the one which, appeals me the most. I have a certain ideas and fantasies about my engagement ring. Let me share them here:

  1. I want it to be in yellow gold, as I love its shimmering color.
  2. Unlike what others prefer, I want it to be a ruby ring. It is my birthstone and I would like to wear it. Diamonds accents are okay to be used.
  3. It should definitely be engraved with our engagement date. It gives personalized touch to the piece of jewelry.
  4. Last, but not the least, I will love to have bezel setting for gemstones. I have seen some of my friends complaining about prong, and pave settings for various reasons, so I will certainly like bezel setting.

I have given all these hints to him, but I was confused which website can offer me all of these at one place? My friend suggested me this. I am highly satisfied with this online jewelry e-tailer and looking forward to how my engagement ring turns out to be! Feeling love soaked!
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