This election cycle was won on volunteers, with so many campaigns going bare bones and advertising buys costing so much money. It was the volunteers that made all the difference. And too many of them including myself were treated as commodities and not human beings.

Lessons to be learned are that if you treat your volunteers as human beings you will get more productive hours of work from them and they will keep coming back to help.

Things that did work well this cycle were call from home apps. As well as door-knocking. But, the door knocking has physical demands of your volunteer and treating the volunteers as people goes a long way. I witnessed too many times when a staffer would say, I do not want food in here or to make the campaign office comfortable because then they stick around. To end on a positive note, thank you cards and a simple please and thank you went a long way. Four great examples of that are Alex Latcham from RPI and Donald Trump and Ben Mullany from David Young and Kolby DeWitt from RPI and lastly, Joni Ernst, who all hand wrote thank you cards.

In closing, kindness matters and not expecting your volunteers to do everything for you.

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