It may seem like the only way to get a guy to notice you is big boobs and platinum blonde hair but I promise it’s not true. The real way that girls get guys to stop and take notice is through simple body language.

Having the right body language can make you more desirable than anyone else. Conversely, bad body language can turn the most beautiful woman into someone that nobody looks at twice. The best thing about this is that guys can’t tell the difference between a girl who looks good because of her symmetrical features and perfect teeth and those that have simply mastered posture and body language. All they see is a slammin’ hottie.

There are a few simple things that can make you more attractive instantly.

  • Point your torso and toes towards him to to give him a subconscious cue that you’re interested in him.
  • Tilt your head forward slightly and look up at him. This mimics the view he’d get if you were much shorter than him which is an evolutionary trick that will make him more attracted. Just be careful of the double chin!
  • Uncross your arms! Crossed arms make you look closed off and uninterested, not to mention more masculine.

For more long term body language improvement, strength training and yoga can improve your posture, making you look more healthy and confident.

Ask for his help

Whether you need help opening a jar, building Ikea furniture, or explaining the rules of pool, this is a great way to get closer to him.

What you choose should depend on your relationship. If it’s a guy at the bar, ask him when closing time is (yes, it can be this simple). If he’s in IT at your work, getting help using Excel makes sense.

Asking for help lets you approach a guy, it gives him the opportunity to feel like your hero, and it doesn’t put too much pressure on the conversation. The more masculine you make him feel, the more he’ll desire you.

But be careful not to ask something too obvious. You don’t want him to think you’re stupid נערות ליווי .

Dress for him, not your girlfriends

While your trendy giant sunglasses and Hermez bag may be cool to your friends, they mean nothing to him נערות ליווי בתל אביב.

From an evolutionary perspective, men are attracted to bare skin and soft round shapes. Choose the area of your body that you like the most and show it off! Neck and shoulders are ideal because he can still see them when you’re having a conversation up close.

Another tip is to wear your hair down and grow it out. Long hair has been biologically associated with fertility so this will get his mind on mating.

Catch His Eye

This is less about being appealing and more about giving him the opportunity to talk to you. It can be hard for guys to approach attractive women סרטי סקס .

If you give him an opening the chances of making that connection go way up.

This means giving him something to comment on or compliment. A shirt with a band on it, some funky jewellry, a water bottle from your college, the book you’re reading: these will all invite comments and get the conversation going.

What you’re doing here is giving him a way in.