How to use Instagram: A Guide for Beginners

Lexi Naone
Jul 18, 2018 · 5 min read

We set out to do some field research and share our experience in The Bank of England. We decided to focus on the contrast between the old and the new. The architecture in this area of London is extremely old and historic, but there are also new and modern buildings being mixed in with the old.

We started off by getting off the tube at Bank Station and ended up right in front of The Royal Exchange. We walked around the area to get our lay of the land and find some great photo ops.


Step 1: Find the iconic spots

The key to a good Instagram post is personalizing an iconic thing, person or place to fit in with your own feed. The Royal Exchange is a historical monument in London that is pretty well-known, but putting an edit on this photo makes it stand out from any other picture of The Royal Exchange.

By walking around and getting your lay of the land, you can identify which areas are the best for pictures. This also gives you the opportunity to take these iconic pictures at all different angles.

Step 2: Establish a theme

Our theme was a contrast between the old and the new architecture in the Bank of London. After walking around for a few blocks, it was obvious that London prides itself on being historical while still being modern and progressive.

One way to show a consistent theme is to use an Instagram story. This allows you to post multiple pictures/GIFs/videos in a row that will only be seen for a 24 hour period. Instagram stories are also ideal because they allow you to have a new theme every day since they are temporary. It also allows you to write on your picture in different fonts/colors, geotag your location and tag people.

The point of an Instagram story is to tell a story to your followers. These three photos below tell a story of all the different types of architecture that can be found around the Bank of England. By adding this to one Instagram story, your followers feel like they are experiencing this walk around the Bank of England with you.

Step 3: Pick an edit

Picking a consistent edit is crucial for establishing a brand for your Instagram feed. This allows your followers to recognize a picture as yours before they even realize who posted it. For this theme we went with the “Vivid Warm” option on iPhone filters. We also cropped and enhanced the photos to add emphasis to the buildings.

Step 4: Post consistently

Another important aspect of your Instagram feed is keeping it up to date. Most people will lose interest in your feed if you never post, which will cause you to lose followers. According to Later, frequency and popularity are correlated. This means that the more you post, the more people are engaged with your account.

How To Post an Instagram Story and create an Instagram Highlights

Another way to reach your Instagram followers and showcase your content is through Instagram stories. In 2016, Instagram officially launched their stories option, allowing users to post photos and videos more frequently to their profile without adding a new photo or video to their feed. A year later, Instagram launched the highlights option for users to archive their stories to be featured on their profile past the 24 hour limit.

Instagram stories are a way to show your followers what you’re doing at the moment, similar to Snapchat. Instagram highlights are a way to create a story that your followers can look back on even after the 24 hours on a single story post are up.

Step 1: Take or choose a photo from your camera roll

Often times, Instagram users will chose to post a photo to their story to show where they are and what they are doing. The photo can follow the same theme of your profile or it can be different. We’ve chosen to stick to our theme to the rest of our posts on our profile.

Step 2: Add details and stickers to your photo

Instagram allows its users to add location, date, hashtag, and many more stickers to add to the photo and allow for followers to get details of where the photo was taken.

Step 3: Create a highlights tab for your stories

To create a highlights tab, you need to start by visiting your profile and selecting “New.” After selecting that, Instagram will allow you to choose from your stories to select which photos or videos you want to add to your highlights. You also have the option to name your highlights. Most people name their highlights after a location that the pictures were taken, or what the highlight is about.

And then the highlight for “The Royal Exchange” will be on your Instagram profile!