Lexi Naone
Jul 8, 2018 · 5 min read
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Channel 4 News presents news from around the world and the UK, on politics, business, science, culture and tech, and include a ‘fact-check’ button on their home webpage. Most of their news is reported from a liberal standpoint, challenging the conservative viewpoints. With a wide-range of topics, they can easily report to their viewers the current happenings around the world.

Just from looking at their homepage online, there are tabs that link to the different types of news they cover. Their homepage is busier, with lots of links to popular articles and stories they have covered. They don’t have a clear spot for the links to their social media accounts at the top of the home page, it’s only visible at the bottom. Because Channel 4 is a well-known source of news across the UK, it’s important that they have a format and layout that makes it easy for its audience to read, follow and understand.

Aside from the layout, you can tell from the homepage that Channel 4 News reports on a variety of subjects and can appeal to many different groups of their targeted audience.


On Facebook, they post a variety of different videos and photos. Their videos are formatted to fit the Facebook timeline and have subtitles so the video can be listened to without sound. On their about page on Facebook, Channel 4 lists their mission statements and what they do. They include a section on their Facebook page that links to all of their past live videos so that viewers have the chance to re-watch something they might’ve missed.

You can tell from their Facebook profile picture that they are likely to be more liberal with their logo placed on a rainbow background for Pride.

One post from this past week, that was posted following Pride in London, focused on a man from Uganda that was forced out of his home because of his sexuality. Channel 4 posted a video of an interview with Aloysius Sali that discussed his sexuality and also how he is now working to help immigrants that are fleeing their countries to the UK.


Many of the stories posted to Twitter are similar to Channel 4’s Facebook. Many stories are the same and are linked to their YouTube account or main website.

With stories on Twitter like this, they have included a link to the full story on their YouTube channel. You can also see that their videos are easy for viewers to watch on their tablets or phones with no sound because of the subtitles.

Their Twitter includes retweets from their reporters and tweets that they have put out on their personal profiles. Like Facebook, the videos that Channel 4 tweets are created to be viewed on Twitter, with subtitles and appropriate sizing. Aside from reporting on the UK’s current Brexit debate, they report on the protests happening between Trump and American citizens, keeping their audience informed.

Channel 4 News posted a video on their account taking a couple’s perspective on Brexit. While it is a serious current topic in the UK, they were able to find a couple that had strong beliefs but were still able to keep the argument civil and sweet which gave a little humor to the situation.


Channel 4 News’ Instagram profile contains more socially appealing content regarding their stories and reports. Many of their posts include vibrant photos that go hand-in-hand with reports and current events. They post a variety of photos and videos. In the last year, they have gone from posting videos formatted to fit an Instagram feed with subtitles, so there doesn’t need to be volume for its audience, to posting more pictures and videos that don’t include subtitles.

Recently, a post Channel 4 posted brought together sports, England, and other countries. The post included a short story about two English men who biked from England to Russia for the World Cup. It discussed how the two were met at the ‘finish line’ by Channel 4 News and many other news outlets from around the world. The post included multiple pictures that showed their happy faces making it to Russia.


Channel 4 News has a YouTube channel that posts stories regarding all of the current events and stories they are reporting on. From On The Ground, Countdown to Brexit, and Trump’s World on Channel 4 are just a few of the many different playlists that Channel 4 posts to. They are posting and updating their channel daily with clips and segments from the actual television segments and podcasts. Unlike Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter their videos all have a range of time because they aren’t specifically made for YouTube.

On July 3, they posted a video that was a segment regarding the rescue of the Thai soccer team. One of their reporters Jonathan Miller, was live in Thailand reporting and updating the UK on the status of the rescue mission.


Their social media posts are formatted for each different platform, making it easier for viewers to access and consume the content they want. Channel 4 News, in my opinion, has a way of making the news more interesting by reporting on more serious topics and issues with an upbeat tempo. They tailor their Facebook posts to be able to be viewed for more time. Twitter is formatted to to be watched without sound but the videos are little longer in length than Instagram. Facebook and Twitter both include links to separate articles from the ones posted. Their Instagram feed is tailored to be shorter and viewed without leaving the app.

It is all done in an effective way that reaches specific audiences for each social media platform. All of their accounts provide a variety of topics that appeal to different people. It’s very obvious that they are a more liberal news channel and they appeal to a certain audience, but their stories are received well and people continue to consume the news they publish. They have a wide range of followers on each platform because of who uses each platform. Twitter is the account with the highest number of followers probably because of the amount of content that is published on Twitter by Channel 4 News daily. Overall, Channel 4 News has a strong social media footprint.

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