Flu season… what type of antiviral medicine would you choose?

Influenza infection has been increased since December in Japan.

Well, what kind of counter-measures do you take?

Vaccination, humidification, wearing a mask, etc.

For me, the most effective way is “sleeping” which will strengthen my immunity to the extent that it can fight viruses!

Thanks to this measure, I have successfully passed through viral infection this winter. When I was a resident physician on ER overnight-work and had a virus. . .

By the way, if you are trying to prevent it properly, the possibility of getting influenza will also decrease. It is ironic that people who are too busy to prevent it will tend to suffer from it. For those of you, today I’d like to introduce influenza medication very easily.

First of all, I’ll introduce this year’s new medicine. It is Xofluza.


It is a pill. Unlike Tamiflu, it ends in one dose. But the price is almost the same. It is not suitable for those who are vomiting.

Another type of medicine is Inarvir, inhalants. This will also end with only 2 inhalations. I think that I can get in the shortest time.

It seems that Inarvir is currently difficult to get your hands in Europe and North America.

Relenza is common in the U.S. (2 inhalations daily 5days)

Infusion type drug is Rapiacta.

It will end with an intravenous drip for 15 minutes.

If you expect effects quickly, it can be a good option but it has not been proved how quick the effect will appear. I feel sorry at 15 minutes drip with painful intravenous technique so I sometimes add 500 ml of saline to improve dehydration.

Xofluza has age restrictions of 12 years or older.

Needless to say, drugs are not for lowering the fever but for helping the body by suppressing the activity of the virus in addition to the immunity of the body. So, earlier treatment is better, normally within 48 hours.

There were no such good medicines 30 years ago, everyone just waited for flu symptom pass away.

Therefore, please do not expect only with medicine, having rest and hydration will definitely give you prospect.

If you want to know more about anti-influenza drugs, you may visit here:



9–36 million — — people who suffer from Influenza annually in the U.S.

65,000 — — people who die due to influenza infection in the world.