Come find me

baby I’m here
I won’t say anything to deceive you
I will not flirt with you because I don't know how to do that
and that’s why I’m hard to find
baby come find me
maybe i’m hidden amongst all men
maybe I’m hidden amongst my kindness
but for this you are free, you don't have to wait for me
now, you can look for me and feel no shame
of course I’d look for you too, but I won't do anything
because everything to do is fake
because I wouldn’t know how to do anything

I’ve been said that’s not the wise thing to do
I’ve been said things work the other way around
and I’m wasting my time
well, maybe I don’t care if it’s gonna take long
well, maybe I rather be true to myself

I know I lack of everything I should have
for that I’ve been made prisioner

I’m damaged