From fuck-ups to success on a daily bases

For a while i’ve been trying to improve my productivity. This is why:

Running multi national business is hard. Regardless of it’s size, actually if it is smaller, u get economy of scale fighting you all the way. Time differences, multiple jurisdictions, compliance, everything becomes an issue at some point. And on top of that you actually do have to become semi-expert in most of those fields. “Assumption is a mother of all fuck-ups” and you do not want to fail (we are in it to win, aren’t we ?). Now add family to that equation and you get the feeling. I had extra issues. i started a new venture in a new country. To make things worse i chose one overburdened with bureaucracy and strange language). So. For the first time in my life i was on a mission to optimize myself without loosing:

  • Family
  • Business
  • Sanity

In that order (when i started i’m pretty sure i was not aligned on third one).

I read lots of material on web, calculated things for a while. Done lots of testing and spent time compiling my own approach. Now i would love to share it with everyone in spirit of knowledge sharing and some degree of self promotion.

My greatest understanding about how to behave in the future came after i examined my past. I took my performance a while back as optimal point so far and wanted to get back to something similar. My assumptions were:

  1. I was getting honest feedback from my environment
  2. I was able to complete project cycles
  3. I needed to understand what is happening to operate
  4. Clear head is a must

I`ve started to analyze everything around points of time i remembered as successful. Then ones i remembered as failure. Analysis drove me to emphasize importance of understanding your environment. I had seen that once i left my areas of knowledge and did not fortify that lane with needed data i acted in the same manner:

  1. Pushing as hard and as fast as i could to reach the goal.
  2. Putting aside issues to fix them once goal is reached.
  3. Slowly disengaging from areas with multiple issues.
  4. Failing to reach the goals.
  5. Trying to reach the goals with more power.

It was a complete cycle. each of those cycles left me weaker, less confident, more distant from surrounding reality. To make up for missing goals i would engage in activities promoting my activity. Conferences are a good example. Events that made no practical outcome but allowed me to try to fool myself and others. It had to stop.

The bottom line is: money is the bank is the bottom line.

Seeing what i had done allowed me to levitate myself over and try to develop new approach. So being in Germany and all i’ve decided to try to bring Ordnung starting with initial postulates. To go somewhere i needed to understand where i want to go. And for the first time in my life i needed to ask other people. I believe i almost drove my wide to insanity by asking her what she wants, where she wanted it and how she sees it. Over and over again for almost two months. Combining it with my own goals i was for the first time in a long time armed with direction. Now how to get there. Chaotic movement did not work for me any more, too many people in too many places depended on my performance. I went back to drawing board. I needed two things. Granular periods of time to operate within and manageable system to make sure goals are met.

Time periods. i went with days, hours is to much work, unitary week is too long. I broke down a day to three phases:

  • Preparations
  • Operations
  • Freestyle

Preparations. First time of day is preparing me for the issues ahead. It makes sure i start on a right foot and it is extremely important.

Bad morning = lost day.

For me building blocks for a good morning are:

  • Water, a must have for body after a sleep.
  • Coffee + Honey. Perfect combination to wake up and get the brain started.
  • Stretching + basic gymnastics to wake up body after brain is up.
  • Food (good old-fashioned german bread and sheep feta)
  • Freestyle reading (not newspapers) to feed the brain with art.

After that i’m ready to review and update my battle plan for a day.

Operations. Work by the plan, stick to the plan, don’t let people and events to interrupt your plan. Yes, life tends to correct things, still does not matter, you can adjust you plan as needed but stick to it. Changes in plan should be your calculated decisions and not come as a neurotic reaction to a challenge. Do not work more then 5 hours a day. 9 hours work days are made to thoughtlessly operate machinery. If you are engaged in something more challenging you need to worry about results and haw to get them faster. Concentrate on achieving your daily goals with minimal time. Your mind needs rest and it will wherever u like it or not. So either u control it or your subconsciousness will.

Between working free-styling i always try to ventilate. My mind needs time to cool off and clear. Long walk is good. i found i need at least 45 min, better an hour to switch from business mode to personal one.

Free-styling. The other fun part. Spend time as u like. Don’t worry mind is a complex thing and it will respond perfectly to your postulates. My best ideas came during time i was supposed to do nothing. I use google keep to store ideas. I can label and add followup items to make sure they are out of my thoughts till needed. In my own time, I want to be concentrated on present, not on things i might need to do. For that i have preparation and operations.

Before going to sleep i have my vitamins. Calcium + magnesium for nervous system and D3 because i’m in DARK region.

This concludes a granular period for me. I can manage those on every bases i want, and i have long term for postulates and weekly for everything else.

So far i`ve enjoyed a massive increase in productivity. Now i’m working on developing a method to make sure i stay on path. To make sure i have all knowledge necessary for my operations are available. I`ll put it on paper once i have it.