Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry (Source: BetaKit)

The Canadian government proposed a new privacy law that would give Canadians more control over how companies might collect and potentially exploit their data and personal information. Even more than that, the new privacy law promises hefty fines to be imposed for any company that breaks the new stricter rules.

The context of the new bill

The Canadian government explained in a news release its justification behind the timing of the new law being linked to the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic having transformed how Canadians not only work, connect with one another, but also access information — making digital technology the most important it has ever…

Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz at March 27 news conference in Ottawa (source: Adrian Wyld)

As a number of businesses in Ontario are to reopen on Tuesday, May 19 in order to jump-start the economy, concerns around Canadian health and the economy have only increased. While Premier Doug Ford has stated confidently on numerous occasions that Ontario is ready to reopen businesses, Ontario health officials including the Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Williams have expressed their professional judgement. Williams has made it clear he is not convinced that Ontario is ready for the “restart phase”, and that he would have recommended it himself if the province were ready for such a shift.

Among the several…

Source: Karim Salaheldin

The American Dream has always been a long coveted, well, dream. In all fairness, the American Dream is no easy feat — sure, it may have become much easier now than perhaps when it was first coined in the 1930s, but the reality is, the American Dream is still nothing but an impossible dream for many.

Well, maybe for Americans at least.

Studies show that in the US, an important factor to one’s success is the wealth of their parents, but in Canada individuals born to poorer families have a higher chance of receiving good education, owning a home, and…

The coronavirus has had significant impacts on the global economy, and the United States is no stranger to its repercussions.

The US government reported that the number of initial unemployment claims rising to 281 000 in the last week is far larger than any movement during, and since the Great Recession in 2008.

In the last week, the American markets came to a halt with investors panicking over the viral outbreak. …

Source: RW3

Despite Canada not being as well-known for producing successful start-ups as its American neighbours are, Toronto has been ranked as the 15th best start-up ecosystem in the world in 2019. In 2017 alone, there were almost 1,115,000 active enterprises in Canada with 64.6% containing four employees or less.

In a recent survey conducted by Sage, it was found that one in three working Canadians manage their own businesses on the side. It was also found that one in six working Canadians have participated in the gig economy. …

For many years, structural adjustment programs (SAPs) have been criticized for resulting in, or increasing the level of poverty in developing countries as opposed to increasing economic development. SAPs were developed in the 1980s when more and more countries were in favour of limiting the amount of state or government intervention to allow for economic development to occur through free markets: economic systems where prices are decided on by unrestricted competition between businesses in the private sector. …

Human rights have no doubt become a topic of concern for businesses everywhere. In recent years, many large corporations have done everything in their power to make political stances on certain topics of debates- others did everything in their power to capitalize the very existence of these issues.

The LGBTQ+ community has been fighting for their rights for many years, and it seems as though the world is finally coming to accept these differences and embrace them. It would only make sense for people to show their support for their loved ones who identify as queer- these are basic human…

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