Installing Debian Linux

Hello Everyone

In this blog we are looking at how to install the Linux OS Debian Jesse for your PC operating system. I think that Linux systems offer alot of advantages that you might not expect and can be comparable or better than other operating systems in some cases. There are several reasons that I would choose Linux over another operating system. Linux is based on open source software what this means is that a community of people work to make a software or operating system available to everyone with the understanding that if any changes or new features are created by someone else the source code for those changes would be made publically available to everyone so we can all benifit from it. Because of this Linux has alot of different software for various things that are available to you as soon as the operating system is installed. This can range from video editing to audio editing and so many other things that you might have to pay for if you were using a different operating systems. Now that doesn’t mean that these things always work as intended so sometimes research is involved to get things working the way you would like but I have always had great experiences with Linux so below is how you would install Debian on a laptop or desktop machine.

To begin please make sure that you have a backup of your important data or a system image so that if something goes wrong you will not lose that important data. You can download the latest ISO file from I usually will look for the latest official release from that site if I am reinstalling. From here you can make a bootable USB with a software called rufus or a bootable DVD with a software called image burn both are open source and free. Once you have your ISO burned insert the media into the machine and boot using it this can be done by accessing the bios and selecting the media you inserted to boot as primary. The first screen you will see will show different options for installing Debian I would just go with 64 bit graphical installation. It will launch asking you to select the language you use and country that you live for keyboard layout and timezone information. After this it will detect what hardware is on the machine and network information this is done automatically if it failes to find any network information it will give you more options but as long as you are hooked up to the internet through ethernet or wifi you should be fine.

Now Debian will ask you to setup a root administrator password. Unlike in windows in order to make any administrative changes you must log in as a administrator this is the password for that user. Now it will ask you to make a user account this will be your normal user account you would be familair with from other operating systems. Debian will then detect that hard drives and ask you how to proceed please select guided -use entire disk and then select the hard drive that you want to mount the os too. It will partition the disk and ask you how to proceed please slect All files in on partition and select finish partitioning and write changes to disk. Now it will begin installing the operating system you will not need to do anything just wait for it to complete.

After it has completed it will ask you to pick a package manager I usually will pick the very first one which for me was this will tell the system to look for updates from that location. It will ask you to sleect what desktop enviornment you would like you can experiment if you like but I usually will pick Cinnamon for a new user. Now it will install the grub boot loader this will allow you to boot into your new installation as well as any other operating systems you might have on other disks if you are dual booting. Now the machine will reboot and you will be prompted to log in with the user account you created. This is how you install Debian Linux on your PC I hope you enjoy it.

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