SASG Residency Week 6

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This week, we met Taro Komiya, a Japanese artist, who was visiting Seoul for his exhibition. His works reflect his humor; his painting series features cuisines by a chef who has the same name as Taro and plays with the Google Search results as currently it shows photos of the chef’s cuisines along with its paintings. Haneul, a staff of SASG, studied with him in Kyoto, and she set up a dinner with us. We first went to Doosan Gallery, which currently exhibits Casting by Yongju Kwon. The work lies between art and labor by casting of objects used for construction. Although the sculptures seem to be abstract objects at a glance, I enjoyed the textures that reveals the material of the cast objects. Then, we went to a restaurant and had mak-guksu, cold buckwheat noodles which are a specialty of Gangwon province. The noodles are similar to Japanese soba; however, like other Korean dishes, they are served with spicy sauce.

Sculptures at Doosan Gallery

During the weekdays, I gradually started research and creation for the open studio. I am interested in modifying a camera view to reflect how I see the world, which can be augmented reality but my interest is not limited to real-time applications. I stood in Hongik University area to film videos of passers-by and then I wrote a p5.js code using PoseNet from ml5.js library to track people and to overlay 3D contents. At the moment, the 3D contents are primitive shapes but I am planning to add different characters to each person while hiding their faces. We are also making a performance piece for the opening of the open studio, and I might use this footage or real-time skeletal tracking of the performers or audience during the show.

On Wednesday, I organized a karaoke party with some SASG residents. I connected a microphone to speakers and played Youtube videos to DIY a karaoke system. Also, I made projection mapping with freeliner in the kitchen. This time, I wrote a script to capture audio signals and to affect the colors of freeliner through OSC interface. We had fun time, but the security was not happy about making loud sound so we went on the rooftop to continue the mapping party without karaoke.

On Thursday, we went to have temple food at Balwoo Gongyang. The restaurant is listed on the Michelin Guide but since we are all foodies (Liza and Julia are researching Korean desserts), we were slightly disappointed as the food was too creative; they used tomatoes and coriander, which are not traditional vegetable in Korea. However, they also served traditional dishes like rice and miso soup with kimchi and small plates as shown in the photo.

Our web residency at Favoriten Festival is almost over. I had a unique experience doing physical and virtual residencies at the same time. I would like to thank Favoriten Festival organizers, curators and those who followed our conversation on Instagram.