Why children shouldn’t be allowed to use their cell phones in school.

Whether or not children should be able to use their cell phones at school shouldn’t be up for debate; it is clear, cell phones can hurt students more than they can help. To prove this point, I’ll show you how every argument used for “Why children should be allowed to use their cell phones” is flawed as well as other arguments that are mentioned merely in this post.

First and foremost, it is argued that allowing children to use their phones during school hours will get students to master technology at a young age. But as pyschguides.com says, “Since teenagers have grown up in an era where cell phone use has been ingrained in the m at such a vulnerable age, they are very susceptible to developing an addiction to their smartphones and/or social media.” So if anything, cell phone usage would hurt the young more than it could help. To add onto this argument, in this day and age, students are given time in the computer lab or given tablets so they have a decent amount of time learning how to use them. And lastly, what happens when a student doesn’t have a cell phone? Whether it’s because they can’t afford one or their parents won’t allow them to. This will lead to self-esteem issues and even possibly mental illnesses; the Association for psychological science calls this (being left out) invisible abuse.

Next, people may argue this will aid in learning. As it can for some, it will hurt the majority. Firstly, we shouldn’t have already troubled children depend on devices. If we do so, they will never grow out of whatever it may be (ex. Shyness). Secondly, a teacher is present for one reason: to teach her students. Students searching up the material defeats the purpose. Especially at a young age, a teacher answering your question will teach you far more than google. And on top of that, more than one person may have the same question. As for students who are advanced and this might “bore” them, it teaches them not everyone is at the same level as well as patience. And for visual learnings, the teacher should be providing them. If not, there is a problem with the teacher not cell phone usage.

On the topic of problem with teachers and not cell phone usage, the same applies with the double standard argument. Teachers shouldn’t be using their cell phones during class time. Again, they’re there for one reason and it’s to teach. If the teacher so happens to be waiting for the students to finish whatever it may be, he or she could work on school related stuff. The teacher could give better feedback on papers, grade tests, and so on and so forth. The solution to this problem wouldn’t be to give children the luxury of using their phones; you don’t fight a wrong with another wrong.

The next argument can get personal and/or emotional which is to remain in contact with your parents. While your children are at school you mustn’t worry about their well-being to the extent where you feel the need to text them throughout the day. This is bad in terms of attachment for both the student and parent. Secondly, if the child does happen to forget their stuff at home or there is an accident, school phones are always available. Yes, it may be uncomfortable for some but it isn’t big enough of a deal to allow cell phone usage at school.

And the last argument is it gives the student a sense of responsibility. To keep it frank, students have enough on their plate to be worried about a darn phone! Making sure it’s off or silent isn’t going to be your main focus when you are getting material or barely got any sleep that night. Our lives aren’t perfect and children will forget and could potentially disrupt class. At the worse, they could even lose their phones. Phones that cost hundreds of dollars but are most likely not going to be retrieved if lost; this causes unnecessary stress on students. This could also lead to disruption of class time because if a child loses their phone they’re going to attempt to look for it, not sit through a lecture on math, science or history.

New phones are coming out every month. Life has more to it than who has the best phone but essentially we are throwing children into a hole of materialism by allowing them to have their phones out during school hours. Students will begin to compare themselves or feel left out which will hurt them drastically. Mental health is just as important as physical health and with that being said we shouldn’t set children up by allowing them to use phones at school.

Now, do we want the kids to grow up without people skills? Without knowing how to interact face to face? In effect, that is what we would be promoting.

The biggest points I would like to finish this debate off with are in my opinion, the most important: The increase of bullying because of phones and the lack of smart decision making children under 18 have. Cell phones increase the chances of rumors being spread because of how easy they can circulate with these electronics. Bullying is an ongoing and serious issue that we would only be encouraging by allowing cell phones to be used at school. Whether it happens during class time or not, it will definitely affect the learning of children because their minds will be somewhere else. The second important point is decision making for students under 18. Many studies have proved this but brainconnnection.brainhq.com specifically says decision making is still a work in progress for teenagers. Children can’t exactly process right from wrong the same way an adult would so they wouldn’t understand the effects of texting during class, watching videos, not paying attentions in general. It’s almost like putting a bottle of expired milk in front of a baby and not expecting it to drink it; the child will use the phone when they are not allowed to.