Dollars from “Trash”

I got too much exposure on Donald Trump. I even have reached the point when unconsciously observe his hair and eyebrows colors. If I have to mention one thing I did consciously regarding to him, it must be reading article about his branding strategy.

Trump’s so good at branding himself. Every action, whether it’s awful or terrific will successfully leads to his purpose. Even I once read, “people believe he can convince someone to buy ordinary mineral water, by saying it’s the best mineral water on the planet”. He can get dollars from ordinary things.

Then about three days ago, that notion popped up in my mind when I watched the way real estate agent sell. Thanks to these agents below

Trump’s soul siblings in “Your Home is My Bussiness!” (source )

So, here’s the story : The agents were asked to sell an apartment room with several disadvantages:

  • near graves. A wonderful chance to befriend with spirit.
  • facing west, so you won’t get sufficient sun rays in the morning
  • gecko with annoyingly loud voice as your roommate

You can’t move the graves or change the direction. Once you dissed the gecko, another one will come. So, how possible it is to be sold?

For real estate agent, just like Trump, every property (or thing,) is able to be sold. The key : Make Something Great Again (sorry it’s unconscious) through rediscover its advantage. They did it by looking at its silver lining.

So here’s the new advantage after rediscovering, according to the agent :

  • It’s impossible (and unallowed) to build something above the graves. So, your apartment room will be a wonderful place to avoid city crowd and construction building.
  • Facing west? That’s great! You’ll get warm in the evening when usually you feel cold.
  • You don’t have to worry about that big lizard. Gecko is well known as home keeper. It keeps home away from disturbing insects because it eats them.
  • Those advantages will make this room as a safe, serene and warm place to live in.

And Voila! that apartment room was successfully bought by first customer. The customer itself is a caring mother, searching a room for her daughter.

This series successfully convince me to believe Trump’s mineral water notion. He indeed can sell anything, because he’s good at finding silver lining. Perhaps that’s why he keep going and being invincible candidate among fellow Republican. Bad strategy? It’s fine, there must be an advantage behind it.

He doesn’t discriminate things. All good and bad sides are equally beneficial. For Trump’s case, he’s skilled on using both sides when others only good at using one side. Causing him able to get dollars, or advantage from “trash” or various disadvantage.

Oh god, too many Trump on this post. I might write this unconsciously.

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