Simply complicated #AP1

Since I often browse about advertisement nowadays, I feel the urge to share my findings. I can’t believe how easy to claim myself as altruist.

Well, unlike other art, advertising is an unwanted art. I rarely find people willingly wait for the ads that disrupt their Scandal or Cinta Fitri time. Unless, the advertising is THAT interesting and entertaining.

To produce that kind of advertising, creative minds are required. You have to be creative, out of the box, in order to grab space on audience’s mind. Those creative outputs apparently are the real reason advertising looks so interesting in my eyes. Creativity usually leads to unexpecting things. Maybe it’s just part of my hard-to-please side who takes role. (I accept any accuse of being sok mahal)

This is the first AdPost. Every post with #AP refers to Ad Post, the ads I have browsed before and subjectively interesting. Hopefully we can share similar interest and talk more about it.

Fevicol the SUPER glue

I imagine the client gave this brief:”Targeting Indian people, show the power of fevicol adhesive glue. low cost

Please do underline the “low cost” words. Those words, sometimes lead us to endless cursing on clients (low cost high demand, what do you think?) or unexpected creativity. This “creativity sometimes comes in restricted condition” principle is applied in this ads.

From this ads, I learn the most effective way to promote your product : using native’s tradition or habit as a channel to deliver your product.

Unlike other ads, this one has zero copy. You only see people stay still on the car and set poker face for 33 seconds. Then the last scene explains it all.

All Indian people surely understand the meaning behind this ads. Well delivered with wit twist.

The NatGeo Kiddo

Here’s what I got from weekly workshop in my office : kids ad targeting their parents, not the kids. Because the kids…yea you know this capable-to-decide thing belongs to the parents as the older one. Perhaps it depends on the product. Most of candy ads has “childish” appearance with many songs, clowns and (sometimes) poor visual effect.

But, it’s Nat Geo channel. The subscribe fee isn’t as cheap as candy and sold in random place. You have to show the benefit of watching NatGeo Kids to the parents. The parents who value imagination and knowledge. So here is it :

Interesting, isn’t it? Don’t get fooled by the simplicity. It might has only white background or no copy. But the creative process, I believe it’s complicated and hard. How do you come up to associate tradition and glue among lots of idea about super glue ads? How to make it sense?

Those are the ads that I successfully remember. More ads to come, hopefully more determination to consistently writing about this topic (so typical)

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