Some important tips on your maiden wine tasting tour

As you all know, there is a first time for everything, so is here. Going on a maiden wine tour requires a good deal of knowledge about the particular occasion. A newbie to the wine tasting is deprived of many things that take place in the process — such as, etiquette, budget, and type of wine to taste and skip. There is, however, nothing to fret over, as a thorough read of this article will help you see through your needs. Going on a wine tasting tour is a real fun if you are put in the right direction.

Before doing anything else, you have to book a winery inn, which is close to the legendary vineyards of the place. Assuming Napa as your destination, this place has quite a good number of winery inns all around. And, Napa Winery Inn is considered the best of all hotels in Napa, California. On booking this inn, you will be allowed to check-in even with your pets in case you have any.

Anyway, moving on to the essentials that you must know before making your wine tasting trip to Napa:

There’re certain wine tasting etiquettes you must learn about.

Dress according to the occasion:

• Embrace a look that is stylish as well as urbanely welcoming. Remember, you need to pick neutral color clothing to not grow boring by the end of the day. And, as Napa becomes chilly in the evening, so prefer layering. On a wine tasting tour, you will be offered to evaluate the ‘tone and clarity’ of a wine against a white tablecloth or may be in a light-saturated room. In the process, you’ll want to avoid reflecting colors just not to interrupt the wine assessment. Besides, you should also avoid wearing whites as they will act as stain magnets, of course.

• Shoes happen to be your second essential. As a pair ‘Good Shoes Take You A Good Place’ and there’s no denying this fact. Wear a pair of comfortable and elegant shoes, which keeps you pampered throughout. Napa is a county territory and there’ll be uphills to climb and reach. Besides, there might be slippery floors while entering the full functioning cellar or the vineyard — you must take care of yourself while making a lifetime memory.

• Avoid wearing strong fragrances or better any fragrances, because the tasting process is going to be multi-sensory or olfactory. Wearing fragrances may kill your assessment process and leave you disappointed.

• You will need to conduct yourself with grace and according to the decorum. Try avoiding loud conversations and crass. Mark, this is not only to have an augmented personality, but also better the wine tasting experience for you as well as for the fellow visitors.

Run a budget accordingly

• Fees of wine tasting and tours are almost same irrespective of any place albeit special events and courtesy tasting may carry a tag apart. In case you are on a tight budget, ask your service provider to waive some of the fees and consider generous tipping instead.

• There are some wineries that will though agree to waive your fees, but only if you purchase some of their selected wines and become a club member.

• Being on a tight-budget, you can do one more thing — ask for ‘reserve tasting’ or only ‘limited production.’ On choosing ‘reserve tasting,’ you will though miss out on tasting all the wines, but surely will afford to taste the wines that are priced out of your budget.