Fixing the Trump “Problem” from the Inside Out

His seeming hatred of the world is a symptom, not a cause.

This post really isn’t about politics, nor is it about how those on the left are just as intolerant as those on the right. Read on, I promise.

A better future isn’t going to come from fighting to change the government, nor is it going to come from fewer regulations or anything like that. It’s going to come from each of us being the future we want to see.

The challenges that we face, that we attribute to our current president, do not exist because he’s inherently evil or some other aspect of his “personality”. He is acting out of the same misunderstsanding that so many of us have — that our feelings are coming from the outside (say, the foreigners, the economy, regulations, etc.) rather than from thought. When we have that misunderstanding, it seems logical to seek to change something outside of ourselves in order to turn those bad feelings to good ones. But it will never work.

Look, he’s not inherently xenophobic, because he can’t be. Xenophobia (or racism, homophobia, mysogony, Islamophobia) are not causes — they are symptoms of the misunderstanding I described above.

As I see it, the reason that he was able to garner as many votes as he did was due to the fact that he was able to paint an extremely vivid picture of a big scary boogey man, and then tell us that he was the only one that could slay the boogey man. But, the fact is, that the boogey man only existed in his thoughts — and then in ours — because that’s the only place where boogey men can exist — in thought.

We seem to have “returned the favor” by painting a very scary picture of him and then running screaming from the room, scared of a picture that we painted. If you think that by getting Trump to stop being Trumpy is going to make you feel better, you’re operating from the same misunderstanding that he is. If you choose to spread vitriol to those that don’t agree with you, thinking that you’ll feel better only by associating with like-minded folks, you’re operating from the same misunderstaning that he is.

We all have such power as individuals. Far too often, we think that doing something small will have no impact, so we do nothing. There is so much that action that any of use can take, every day to make a huge shift in the world.

This article is not definitely not intended to be a “Top 10 Things You Can Do To Make The World Better”. Just think about the world that you want, and then be a part of shaping that world. You don’t even need to email your congressperson. Just be that person. For example, if you think that African-Americans have been given the short end of the stick, it is in your power, whether you’re a business owner, manager, subway rider, or anything else, to do your part to help give a leg up. But I promise you, the best way to do that is to point people in the direction of the fact that whatever fear they have of, for example, hiring an African American, has nothing to do with the candidate — only to do with their thinking in the moment.

Hate crimes have existed since far before Trump was president and will continue as long as people continue to buy into the misunderstanding of where crappy feelings come from. I’ve read “Love Trumps Hate” on bumper stickers so many times. Yet, it seems like there’s still lots of hate. Trying to convince Trump to be more loving is likely futile. But we really don’t need him to spread more love.

With an understanding that each of our realities is created moment-to-moment, from the inside out, will inevitably lead to a world filled with more love and kindness. And that is really what we want, isn’t it?

Naphtali Visser is the Founder of Humans Working, an executive coaching firm. He makes some pretty cool photographs at night too. The best way to contact him is via email, but Twitter and Facebook are cool too.

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