Tips And Tricks To Having A Squeaky Clean Home Without A Lot Of Effort!

We all want our homes to be clean, tidy and presentable. That feeling of sheer terror when unplanned visitors arrive is something most of us can very well relate to. So what can we do to make sure our home is clean and attractive all day, every day? The tips and tricks below should get you well on your way.

Make An All Purpose Cleaner

Have you every felt overwhelmed as you analyzed the cleaning products in the aisle at your local store. There is everything from bathroom cleaners to kitchen cleaners, from table wipes to surface spray, and the list goes on! Like many other people, you may have ended up with a cupboard full of cleaning products for various parts of your home.

A problem exists with this over abundance of house cleaning products. By the time we have worked out which products we are going to use and where, then carried each product to each room, we seem to have used up a whole lot of time!

Of course, you may wish to use a strong antibacterial spray or such like for particular jobs, however, as a rule, a very simple home made all purpose cleaner will have you covered for everything else. Would you like to know how to make it? No problem!

All Purpose Cleaner That Won’t Cost You The Earth

What You Will Need:

1 Empty spray bottle
4 tablespoons of baking soda
1 quart of warm water.

Mix the water with the baking soda, pour it into the spray bottle and start cleaning. It certainly isn’t rocket science!

This all purpose cleaner is especially good for kitchen counters, appliances and the refrigerator.

Give Your Bathroom An Overhaul

For many people, the bathroom is one of the worst places in the home to clean. Of course it’s a room that gets plenty of traffic and plenty of use, making it a challenge to maintain.

Many bathrooms are even harder to maintain due to the abundance of clutter in the form of bottles, sprays, packets and so forth. So what can you do to de-clutter your bathroom?

Firstly, get rid of items, cosmetics and so forth, that are not actually used in the bathroom. Once the remaining items are all necessities, it’s time to do an overhaul. Buy a few jars and baskets and arrange the often-used items into them. Not only will this get rid of bulky packaging but it will also make the items and products easier to use. It may take a little effort to overhaul your bathroom, but it will make a significant difference when it comes to maintaining it.

Few of us enjoy house cleaning, that’s why the more we can make it easier to accomplish, the better! By following the tips above you may not be able to create a show-home in an instant, but you will be well on the way to having a squeaky clean home, without a lot of effort!

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