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It’s been over 2 years since I first spoke the words Napoleon Typefaces out. 2 years is a lot of time, especially for me at my age 24.

Initially I wanted to create a website for my typefaces that can change its appearance once a week without having bad conscience because people rely on having access to the website all the time. Now the time comes where I slowly finish my studies and already moved to Berlin to work on some projects here and there. I depend on making money for my living and don’t have much time for a website that is never ready and super transparent anymore. The ever changing eco system finally reaches an end and merges into napoleon.services. A big part of this is also my digital design practice, mostly consisting of making aesthetically appealing websites. I really like to dive into JavaScript frameworks and apply cool stuff to it. I also like the (interactive) design part. There are several very interesting articles on how design and interaction impacts the user experience, so I’ll leave this for now.

Almost all the different websites that I build for Napoleon Typefaces

I also want to point out that several fonts that of mine are now open-source, which means use them for free and for whatever you want! I don’t mean to throw them away, but in my every day I use so many great open source fonts that I felt some of mine would also fit really well into that category. Also I want to keep napoleon.services with a maximum of 5 fonts to not overwhelm visitors with too much typefaces. Most of them are experimental display fonts. Another aspect is that open-source leads to sharing the files endlessly, and people want free stuff.


These are now on my GitHub, available for everyone! Even the .glyphs file are there as well. Maybe you want to get your hands on it. Some websites are there as well, if you want to check my setup.

I recently was the art direction assistant for the next Indie Mag (#63), which is out now. It was so much grinding, but I felt a relief once it was done. Next week I’ll move to the office of Büro BumBum and work on some other websites, and of course some slick fonts.


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