Clinton and Sanders — A Revolution

As the narrative seems to go, Clinton is a slow-and-steady moderate, a Democrat whose policies are pretty much inline with her predecessors. Meanwhile, Sanders is some kind of a maverick revolutionary, out to destabilize the establishments. Supposedly, he is so far to the left, he’s fallen into the Socialist ravine.

I can’t speak for the candidates, and who you vote for is none of my business anyway. What I want to point out is that this happened in the first place.

The state of the average voter in the United States — especially from the younger generations — has become intolerable enough that these folks are willing to back a revolutionary. Enough has gone wrong that the people voting for Bernie Sanders believe that the only way out is through major political and economic upheaval. That’s the issue, I think. That should be our major concern, that things suck so bad that moderate, steady-as-we-go approach isn’t wanted because it’s not enough.

Generally, revolutions don’t end well for all involved. Bystanders get hurt; shit goes to hell in a hand basket. It’s not the kind of future I’d wish on the American people, or on anyone else for that matter.

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