There is always a point in the year when people start thinking of the future collectively. Most begin to make promises, goals, or resolutions for what is ahead. There is a common phrase used often, “New Year, New Me”. But, that seems a bit inaccurate. Do you end up being a completely different version of yourself, just because a new year has come around? The answer is likely no. Instead, we should be aspiring for growth. In other words, an upgrade.

Why change yourself completely just because you feel pressured by society and time? You should only be making changes you want to do, and changes that you are ready for.

Do not throw who you are now out as if who you are now means nothing, instead level yourself up to a new model, and see what you can do.

Level up to the next version of yourself. A version that has grown positively in some way. If you consider yourself at Level 18 in the game of Life, move to Level 19. Avoid trying to start all over from Level 1. Avoid trying to skip levels and head to a Level such as 32. Use your experience and what you have learned from Levels 1–18, and channel it into Level 19. Move up, experience more, learn more, and be prepared for Level 20.

Research stresses the value of gradual change in people’s lives. We can become better version of ourselves with time and a willingness to want to grow.

Skipping steps and pushing yourself too much could be overwhelming and have an adverse effect, such as regressing to past versions of yourself.

Many of us have grown so much from a particular point in our lives that any threat to reversing that growth should be evaded. So, we have to understand that growth takes time. You cannot be 5-months-old one day, and 34-years-old the next. Too much is missed, too much is lost.

Just as we naturally age and physically transform at a particular pace, our growth needs to be steady and paced. Too much too fast, can lead us to be unrecognizable to others and ourselves. We risk not being true to ourselves, and inauthentic.

It is important to be mindful of your intrapersonal aspirations, and be pragmatic about the journey to reach or get close to those aspirations.

But nonetheless, continue to grow.

Continue to explore the many possibilities and the many ways your life can transform. If there are aspects of your life that you feel need improving, hone in on those aspects and work towards making a positive change.

It may not happen the way you want it to, but trying is usually enough for some form of growth to occur.

Life is unpredictable, and we are human. Things happen, and things derail us from any promise or New Year’s resolution we place on ourselves. The focus should be on growth and not on becoming a completely different person.

Instead of New Year, New Me

Try New Year, Better Me

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Photo Credit: Fachy Marín

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