We all form relationships throughout our lives, but our life consists of other factors as well. Careers, travels, and goals are some of those factors. So, it is possible for someone to come into your life while you are focused on one of those other factors.

In other words, you may meet a lady you really like, but since you are up for a promotion at work and need to work harder, you do not have the time to commit to a relationship with said lady. You may meet a guy in New York you really like, but you have to move back to Florida to be closer to your family, so you do not have the time to see how this relationship can be.

Circumstances can affect whether or not we develop certain relationships.

It is not that this particular lady or that particular guy is not someone you would spend quality time with, it is that something in your life is currently taking more precedence than the potentiality of this relationship.

We then begin to think, if only I met this person when I first started working. Or, if only this person lived in Florida. Essentially, we believe that this person may be right, but that the time they are entering out lives is wrong.

And sometimes the circumstances we are in, such as a preexisting relationship, can make us think the same way too.

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As everyone gets older, we begin to understand that we like and can even love more than one person in a lifetime. And in the grand scheme of things, that can provide us with solace, especially after a significant break-up. But, what happens when we come across a person we see ourselves potentially liking a lot or even loving, while already involved with someone we really like or love?

Some may think it is buyer’s remorse, but it is more so that we have just encountered someone we would seriously pursue if we were available to do so. That, if this person came along prior to the formation of our current relationship, we would be involved with them.

I believe that thought is a normal one, and it does not necessarily venture into infidelity thoughts or acts, as a consequence. It is normal, because we can really like or love more than one person, even if we end up being with just that one person.

Many of us have likely been on both sides of that situation, and may wishfully think for that not to be the case. But, it is.

It is reality.

It is authentic.

So, circumstances like careers, travels, goals, and even current relationships may lead us to the conclusion of right person, wrong time.

But hopefully, if you are satisfied with your career, that right person may still be there, or a new right person may come along.

Hopefully, traveling distance is temporary or not a hindrance. Or, maybe you are now at the location where you will meet a new right person.

Hopefully, your goals can lead you in the direction of that right person, maybe your goals incorporate a new right person.

And hopefully, the person you are currently in a relationship with satisfies your needs and provides constant comfort so much that they are indeed the right person at the right time.

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