The Cards Dealt

Photo Credit: Miroslav Jonas

It takes some time realize, but we cannot change our past. We cannot change how we were raised, what we have endured, and the choices we have already made.

Often, when we hear something like this, we cannot help but harp on the negative experiences, bad choices, and mistakes we have made.

To some degree, we may feel paralyzed so much by the things that have happened, that we feel we cannot grow or move forward from these things.

Our past may even subdue us or derail us from recognizing and forming healthy relationships.

What do we do?

What can be done?

How do we change the past?

No one can change the past. The cards have already been dealt. It is up to our present selves to channel our past in positive and productive ways.

Many of us allow such past things, such as trauma, to disable us from growing and making connections. Yes, there are several types of trauma. And yes, managing trauma, often requires professional assistance. But, who seeks that assistance?

Who chooses to adhere to coping and treatment?

The answer is you. It is always you.

We must control what we can control.

We must be the pilot and the passenger of our flight.

And, it is not easy.

Realization is the first step, but taking conscious and thoughtful actions are the next steps. And, these next steps can be leaps or baby steps depending on our comfort level and receptiveness grow.

Imagine, the opportunities that will come to fruition.

You can discover a part of yourself you never knew. You could tap into untapped potential. You can become open to people and connections that can enrich and transform your life.

Our lives are finite, but our choices are infinite.

Choose the path you see fit. Yes, your current choices and future choices may not always be the right ones holistically, but they are the ones you made in a particular moment. Forgive yourself, learn, and grow from them. Hope, that the next choices are even more thoughtful and informed than the last.

Look at yourself, and look at those you are frequently around. Everyone has a different story. Everyone’s background is different. Everyone does not have the same cards.

Some may think that it is unfair, but those individual differences are what makes us who we are.

We are not all given perfect hands, but how we play our hands is up to us.

It is time to dilute the past with opportunity. To create something new from the ashes of mistakes. To win, despite the cards in our hands.

So, look at your cards, it is your turn to play.



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