Dabble Point — Personalized Learning

Every one wants to ace at what they do. We, the computer grads are looking to be good software engineers. But, the learning process is really cumbersome, every other website dumping their questions, and every other forum discussing their own set of problems. Nothing unified. All the resources, messed up. Even though providing the right content, they fail to maintain pace of every student.

That’s where Dabble Point comes into play. Dabble Point tries to amend all the things which the other websites fail to do. It personalizes the content for each and every user register on it. The idea was not to just make a repository of questions but to organize, personalize and customize the experience for the users.

Some features of Dabble Point are:

User Oriented :

Dabble Point DashBoard

The website is made with user feasibility in mind. No bloat, no multiple page redirection, light-weight design with no major overheads which makes it easy to load under slow connections. Also, special care have been taken for UX, just to make it more readable and less complex. The user experience is the prime motive.

Modern Design :

Modern Responsive Design

Dabble Point has a responsive modern design which makes it available from Desktops to Smartphones. It is based on Flat and Material Design with a very clean, readable and intuitive layout.

Renowned Database :

Geeksforgeeks Database

The questions, which is the essence of Dabble Point is from the most famous website for interview preparation, Geeksforgeeks. All questions, from it, with the possibility of adding more from it. We are also looking for expanding our question base.

Progress Monitor :

Every problem you have solved, every category you have been into, everything is under your dashboard. It shows your daily progress from the day you have joined the website. Even category wise progress is being showed in it.

And much more..

Link: Dabble Point