How to Practice Self-Love and Self-Acceptance

Nara Lee
Nara Lee
May 1, 2018 · 4 min read

The Importance of Self-Love & Acceptance

Signs that you need to increase your Self-Love & Self-Acceptance levels:

Whenever you find yourself tired, drained, trying to keep up with things, fit in, blend in, be more at peace with yourself, or even hating your body, you are using vital life force that you could use for other more important things in life.

Society taught us that the road to happiness is changing ourselves and covering up any “imperfections” that don´t fit the standard mould. This creates a lot of pressure for women to just breathe, or even leave the house for some. For others it shows up in accepting less than they deserve, in careers, love relationships and life as a whole. Self-Love must be turned up if we are to make it.

Below are a few short tips that can help you practice self-love and self-acceptance.

1. “Selfish” can sometimes be just what you need

Instead of trying to change yourself, keeping up with the joneses, measuring yourself against other people´s standards, it´s much easier and healthier to create your own standards, and your own success metrics.

The first level or step to do this is through radical self-love. Loving yourself enough to a degree that may sound “selfish” — but it´s not. It is you, looking after yourself, and fulfilling your own highest potential, taking care of your own health and wellbeing first. Your wellbeing will overflow to help, inspire and help others. So don´t be afraid to sometimes, put you first.

2. Get Rid of needing or believing that you need to Change yourself

The second level is Self-Acceptance. It is realising that instead of fighting with yourself to change yourself or keep up with anything or chase anything, you can just drop into nothingness, and realise that you already are everything. That maybe you can just love and accept yourself, just the way you are. And any “change” will naturally and effortlessly evolve from there, just like a flower is not hustling to become beautiful, it just is.

3.Have Self-Love and Acceptance Rituals

I am a big fan of Rituals. Because Love, although it´s a feeling, it can also be expressed from yourself to yourself. I did a 31 day programme where each day we explored one new ritual, so you can pick from 31 different rituals.

I will post it when it´s open again, but leave your email here, if interested

5.Self-Love & Self-Acceptance Affirmations actually change your mood and give you confidence

Affirmations change the negative messages stored in your subconscious mind, that subconsciously cause you to feel depressed, have self-doubt, or anything that dims your beautiful Light.

I did Louise Hay for a long time, and later started working with Awakening the Goddess Affirmations, when healing from a traumatic incident.

You can find them as a normal book or as a digital format for iphone and ibook, where you can scroll through each affirmation.

You can find the Digital Journeys here:


And they already include the books.

Final Words

Always ask: is this action, person or thing actually loving to me? If it´s not, it´s a no, it´s that simple.

For special offers, community invites and discounts, join my Self-Love Community — it´s serious, I don´t spam, nor send unimportant information…

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Nara Lee

Nara Lee, is a Spiritual Transformational Teacher, Social Entrepreneur and Artist. She helps women awaken their Inner Power and to tap into their hidden resources to cope with life’s most challenging situations. Apart from the Healing and Empowerment work, Nara Lee is also the Founder of Love Luxury Homes, which is a private membership vacation rental marketplace, designed to change the way we live, work and travel — to put Wellness, Love and Inspiration at the center of everything that we do.

Nara Lee

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Nara Lee

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