What is the Purpose of Life? What is the meaning of Life?

Have you ever wondered, where is this place, this perfect future, perfect life, perfect everything you are looking for?That extra achievement, that goal, that accomplishment.

In life all of us, every day, wake up, and we are already working towards something, going somewhere, planning for the future and doing all of these things.

I am certain that we all have thoughts like “ when i have this, i will do that” or “when i look like this, then x will happen” (e.g. when i lose weight, when my ass looks more perky, when my business has reached this milestone, when i have more money, when i won more awards, when my kids grow up, when i get divorced, when when when….) — — essentially a reflection of when all the stars line up for ‘me’, then i will be complete and ready to fulfil my mission.

But it has occurred to me, that the “finishing line” is always moving. It’s like you run so fast to get somewhere, but then it’s not over. There is always more to do, more to fix, more to grow, more to learn, more to whatever. It’s never over, and it’s never done.

But the illusion of permanence, the illusion that you might get somewhere, attain something, keeps you in this constant state of urgency, like you are running somewhere, you got somewhere to be — whatever your goal is. But when you get there, you feel like, “oh, is this it?”; Nah, it’s not good enough, you want more, so you work harder, or you expand, do more, and continue running, continue hustling, because you are there, but not quite there yet. There is always more. The hustle and the run til death do us part.

But sweetheart, where are you honestly running to?? If the finishing line keeps on moving, where are you really going???!!!
Don’t tire yourself!
You might as well buckle your seatbelt and enjoy the ride, the view, the colours, the smells and all the subtleties available in the present moment.

It is like a constant strive for perfection. Of going somewhere.

Honestly, there is nowhere to go, this is IT!

So whatever you want to be, be it now. Whatever you want to do, do it now. Every day, is a new life. And tomorrow is never promised.

If you don’t believe me, i will tell you a true story. A few years ago i went to an art exhibition, that moved me to tears. This woman’s soul and everything universal about being human, was portrayed in her artwork.

The exhibition was such a success, they even had to extend it. Then the real truth came — the artist, ever so talented, never felt good enough to share her work. She died at the age of 97, never having accepted to publish her work/do a single exhibition, because she honestly believed her work wasn’t good enough.

If you saw her work, you would think she must have been deluded. I mean, how could she possibly think she wasn’t ready or good enough? And only when she died, they took all this work and published it. And everyone loved it and she ‘succeeded’. Only she didn’t live to see it.

How many extremely talented artists suffer with this ‘perfection syndrome’ ?

I know many and i want to scream, because they are sooo talented, they have no clue. You go to their house, and will find insane paintings (not even hung, just on the floor) in the bathroom, in the garage…And they are all waiting to be ‘discovered’, or to be ‘good enough’ or for that special day. Then 15 years go by (or 97 like that woman), new artists came to market, maybe not even as good as them and they make it and ‘overtake them’ so to speak.

Why? Because with all the uncertainties, with all the imperfections, all the imperfect moments and circumstances, they went for it anyway.

People don’t “make it” because they are more special, better than you, had more luck and so on. If you look closely, they all took their imperfections, and went for it anyway — without everything being ready, without someone discovering them, without someone giving them a job, or an opportunity…all these things may have eventually happened — but they are a byproduct, a consequence, not a cause — you will find them, but only after you jumped, and with no parachute. Sorry to disappoint.

I too am guilty as charged. If you would see how much ‘unfinished work’ i have, that i never shared with the world you would fall off your chair. Even i get surprised sometimes. On top of all of that hidden work, I have studied acting in and out for like 10 years or more. I have been writing and doing spiritual work since i was 11. Nobody knows about apart from the closest people to me, my mom and my proper bffs from way back. I lived in LA, and i didn’t go to 1 single audition. Because i didn’t feel ready. Because i had a company to run. Because i wasn’t fully polished yet. And I can tell you, i still don’t feel ready, perfect or like the stars have lined up for me. And frankly, dreaming about the future is getting rather stale and tiring. I am beginning to realise that just maybe, we will never feel 100% ready or 100% fearless, or 100% perfect.

So now, i have made a commitment to just hang out with my imperfections, and to show up raw and imperfect, because ultimately nobody is perfect and never will be.

And trying to be perfect is exhausting. Even plastic surgery, conceals the very imperfections every human being deals with. Even that amazing lastminute.com deal, where Sabre bought if for $1.1. Billion, was proven to also be imperfect, for Sabre could only re-sell that company for $120 million after…But when the deal was done, probably both the investors and entrepreneurs were there looking for applause…

So don’t get easily impressed by bells and whistles. Stay close to the Truth. Especially your own truth.

In conclusion:

Perhaps, life is not about getting somewhere, to some fancy life destination some day. Perhaps the journey IS the destination, and each day, no matter how imperfect we feel or we are, we must still show up gloriously as if the stars have already lined up for us. For tomorrow may never come. This is IT.

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