MicroBot Alert Begins Shipping

Making the smallest, smartest consumer sensor has not been easy. We are excited to share that we have started shipping the MicroBot Alert to select customers. Earlier this year, we introduced the MicroBot Alert (formerly ‘Sense’) to the world through Kickstarter. We completed the hardware several months ago and have been working on the software for some time.

Three Reasons why Making the Smallest Smartest Consumer Sensor is Difficult:

  1. Small form factor. We designed Alert to be no larger than the size of an Oreo cookie. It was important to us that it be portable and discrete. It was also…

We’ve been talking about the new, direct, integration with Amazon Alexa for some time and you were waiting for it eagerly. Now, we’re delighted to announce it is officially released on MicroBot Cloud! With this new integration you can make your dumb devices smart AND controllable by voice. All without a hub. Ask Alexa to make your coffee, turn on your dumb TV, start the washing machine, check the air quality… hands-free.

A little throwback to the previous Alexa integration…

Why a new integration? So far, users who wished to control their MicroBots with Amazon Alexa needed a Prota hub as well as an account on IFTTT. The…

Most parents have experienced spending sleepless nights caring for their babies’ cold, cough, skin rash or vomiting. But few of them are aware that the source of their troubles could be the air surrounding their little ones. Actually, the air pollution inside your home can be up to five times worse than outside. The air quality at home does have an impact on infants’ health, especially during the first year.

People spend as much as 90% of their time in confined environments, especially at home, and the concentrations of some air pollutants may be two- to five-fold higher indoors than…

For many, a few minutes in a humid environment make their hair annoyingly frizzy. But that is not all. Being exposed to high levels of humidity has many more or less serious consequences for your health, some of them you might have even never thought of. Read more to find out.

Effects of humidity on health

Humidity affects our health in various ways. Humid conditions disrupt our bodies’ temperature regulation system: the sweat evaporates more slowly, making it hard for our bodies to cool off, so they get more stressed and over-exercised. …

Dear Prota Pi users,

We’ve been announcing and teasing a lot about the new version of Prota, MicroBot Cloud (aka Prota Charles), and the changes it would bring to MicroBot Hub S (aka Prota S) and MicroBot Push. However, we haven’t mentioned much about Prota Pi and the availability of the new version update on Raspberry Pi. We think it’s about time.

A quick recap on the update — MicroBot Cloud

With the new update, your Prota S will operate in the Cloud. We call it MicroBot Cloud. It enables you to enjoy new features such as:

The long awaited update to MicroBot Cloud is finally released. This big update will not be implemented in one go but progressively, in different phases. Here is Phase 1.

What is this new version all about? MicroBot Cloud. And with it, comes new possibilities, features and integrations. Let’s review them. And no panic, we’ve got your back! We’ve published some comprehensive guides for features that you can find on our Support page.

A quick remember…

Who can get this update? This new version is available for users of MicroBot Push 2nd Generation.

For a better understanding and keeping things simple, we’ve set new…

The world is aging. Baby boomers are now seniors. As countries develop, their people age. Since 1970, the part of elderly in the population has never ceased to increase, even dramatically for some countries such as Japan, Germany or South Korea. In fact, Japan is home to the world’s most rapid-aging population with more than 26% of its population being 65 years old or over. And with a weaker and weaker birth rate, the equation is easy: Japan is shifting towards a silver society at lightning speed, and so does Korea.

Share of the senior people (aged 65 or older )in the population in 2016 (source: World Bank)

Towards a world aging alone

Not only their number increase by the day, more…

Keep it simple, stupid (a.k.a. the KISS principle). It’s the principle that we always have in our minds but we feel it’s extremely difficult to respect most of the times. Especially, when we’re busy with making new things, we tend to easily forget about it, keep on making, and eventually complicate the result without any good reason.

We currently have three big creations; Naran, Prota and MicroBot. As the number of users increases and our products gain more and more exposure online and offline, we are realizing we’ve been slowly going away from the KISS principle more or less.


Starting from Charles, the way MicroBots work dramatically changes. Prota Charles simplifies a lot of user interactions and solves many problems that Prota Bernard has been suffering from. Let us explain why Charles is a big deal from a user’s perspective.

Recap: What is Prota Charles?

Simply put, it’s the cloud version of Prota OS. But it actually covers much more than the software running in the cloud. Prota encompasses the firmware on a hardware device (MicroBot), the communication module in a smartphone app (software Edge a.k.a …

2018 is a big year for us. Everything is now different from the last several years. Back in 2015, when we just started out with MicroBot Push and Prota, we had no real products in the market. Now we have users and partners all over the world, two real hardware products selling in US, Japan, UK, Germany, France and Korea, 10k visitors to our website every month and near 20k units sold as well as the great team who has gone through the full development cycle of hardware products from a very idea to a real thing being used everyday…


Developing smart devices and robots for home automation and the Internet of Things. Get to know us at https://microbot.is

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