Discover Prota Bernard — a new version of Prota OS with new features, apps and improvements

Hi, everyone!

After a constant transformation over the last months, Prota OS has changed in many ways, with a lot of new improvements, such as new apps, features, and an improved interface.

Prota Agatha was the stepping stone towards our dream and vision.
Now, Prota OS reaches a new milestone and we are proud to introduce to you our second official version: The Prota Bernard.
Transition from Prota Agatha to Prota Bernard

Prota Agatha → Bernard

It has been almost 2 years now since the launch of the Prota Agatha, and a lot has changed since then!

Just take a look at our first version.

First version of Prota Agatha
We’re really happy to announce that Prota has evolved so much, it has now changed gender and will be called Bernard (as you can guess for the B version)!

Let’s have a quick look at the many improvements that you can enjoy with the latest OS upgrade (In case if you haven’t done the upgrade yet, make sure to go to the Settings app and install the latest upgrades).

New user interface

Prota Bernard comes with an all new interface design which is more appealing and functional than the previous OS design.

We’ve reworked on the UI design to make it simpler for a more smoother user experience. We hope you’ll find it more enjoyable to go from one app to another and navigate through your Prota Space with ease.

The first screen when opening your Prota Space interface will display all the Prota paired with your device. Practical and clear when you have several Prota hubs!

New homepage

In comparison to the previous version, the user is now greeted with a new Prota Icon on the

Now you can log in to your Prota much faster thanks to the newer UI design and swifter server connectivity.

Finally, in case if your Prota is offline, you will see a window like the one below when trying to open it on the Prota Space main page. This will give you all the details needed just in case when your device is trying to reconnect to the network or if the device is upgrading.

More detailed information about your device

The Home Screen now looks more immaculate, with small round icons for apps which make the entire interface look neater and easier whenever you take a look at all the downloaded apps at once.

New Prota Bernard OS Homepage

The App Libraries’ interface has also been revamped.
Now, you can easily see when an app update is available, thanks to the top right corner arrow that integrates a little notification marker in such case.
Click on it to start installing all the available updates. The upgrading process will then automatically start with the new progress bar integrated within the icon giving you an all new application installation experience.

New App Libraries interface

New servers

Due to rising growth of the Prota users, we decided to increase the number of servers to make sure everyone gets the best possible experience when using the Prota Space.

Three new servers have been installed in North America and Europe to complete the ones in Asia and make sure the overall usage speed is as high as possible.

When accessing your Prota, you will be automatically redirected to the nearest server. We plan to deploy more servers at various other locations soon to assure you a seamless and optimal experience on all continents.

What’s new?
- Now, you won’t get the “blue circle pending” issue anymore (when the interface is stuck on the loading blue circle during opening the Prota Space)
- Enjoy a better speed without any issues linked with overloaded server
- No more temporary shutdown of the server during the upgrades/updates
- Uninterrupted connectivity to the portal from all over the world, without any hassle

New servers

Improved optimization

Cache optimization

The new Prota Bernard aims at optimizing your user experience with Prota Space. We have developed a new cache optimization system that stores essential data in your app’s cache in order to reduce the overall speed and latency when connecting to the servers. When opening an app for the first time, you will see a screen as below.

Once the optimization process has been done, this app’s interface will load way faster and your overall experience with it will be more efficient.
New improved cache optimization for faster transition between apps

New automation features

Stories keep getting new events and actions to help you write more effective automation workflow for what you need.

1. Authentication from your smartphone

You can use the secured authentication that enables your iPhone’s fingerprint scanner to trigger any security-sensitive automation workflow.
It’s a great way to make sure that you are the only person to trigger something at home, both from security and privacy perspective.

Simply select ‘Mobile’ as the sensor.

Step to add authentication in Stories

Then select which iPhone you want to use (either yours or any iPhone detected) and the event ‘authenticate successfully’.
(TIP: Use ‘fail to authenticate’ to warn you if someone else tried to trigger this automation)

Step to add authentication in Stories

2. Push notification

You can now add a Push Notification to appear on your smartphone as soon as an event occurs.

It’s a great tool to not only know what is happening in your smart home when you’re away (getting notified for an automation starting or a motion detected) but also to get a custom notification for very specific events like important emails.

For instance, you can get notified only when your boss sends you an email, or when an email contains the word “urgent” in the body/subject. You can also get a notification when someone from your family has been detected at home via “BlueTag” app or if the weather is meant to be rainy tomorrow.

Select ‘Mobile’ and the name of your smartphone as the actor.

Push notification

Select ‘receives notification message’ and add the message in instructions that you want to display.

Add message for push notification

The Push Notification feature is currently only available on iOS (Android version is in development and is going to be released very soon).
There are many more ways you can now enjoy the Prota OS even more. Its now more secure, robust and reliable than ever, making it a perfect smart home manager for your smart devices.

We at Naran are always working hard to bring to you new innovative changes and many more new features in the future.

Stay tuned!