5 Reasons why Digital Marketing is important

What is Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing is a promotion of a product/service through digital media. IT bridges the gap between merchants and customers. Engages customers with brands and convert them into sales. let’s see 5 reasons why digital marketing is important.

1.Our association with digital media:

I would say take yourself as an example to do a quick analysis. How much time are you are spending with TV in a day comparing with Laptop? which media are you using to read regular news? Who is your best friend, girl friend/boy friend, teacher, guide and the whole day entertainment, don’t you think it’s a smart phone? smart phone is a dangerous, it has the capability to fill any role in your life

, if you want to learn and prepare for a demo what is the quick option you have? If you want to watch your favorite movie what is the best option in the world, don’t you think it is YouTube? what is the best way to express feelings and increase the severity of love and romance, don’t you think it is chatting?

Don’t you start your work life with an email ever day?

Hope I don’t need to continue this article to say why digital Marketing is so important for a business. However, please allow me to complete it so I can give some more additional details.

2.Trends of Internet usage:

Take a look at above statistics to see how Internet usage is going up year by year. people are moving towards digital content with smart phones, a smart phone became one of the most necessary items in today’s lifestyle.

3.Brand Creation:

Brand equals to trust, it can’t be created overnight. Essentially creating a brand is possible with only with quality of service/product all the time. However. Digital marketing would really help to introduce the product/service and helps spread widely to the customers in order to create a brand. As both sales and marketing channel, digital marketing offers combo opportunity to meet expectations and needs of a customer throughout the buying cycle . Apparently, no other channel can offer this combo as Digital media does.

4.Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing:

5.People do Judge A Book By Its Cover:

For instance, a newly launched car may not look good at a first look on the road, gradually it looks beautiful why? it registers into the mind similarly digital marketing is so powerful as it stamps the image/brand into customers subconscious. Visual brilliance costs a lot but its value is priceless.

Take the advantage of Digital Marketing and build your brand.

Originally published at www.saranmok.com on April 10, 2016.