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What is the impact of Reviews, Rating and feedback in the current eCommerce trend? do we really take care of these

the answer is a big ‘YES’. Let’s see why?

Before buying any product we look for three things

Quality :

Quality plays vital role to have a bond with the customer . However, customer expects for the best quality though the price of the product is just one rupee.


Every customer have his/her own limitation. The world’s richest person also have a limitation, apparently pricing decides target set of customers.


By seeing the brand we usually prefer some products its not that the product is excellent but BRAND=TRUST. the manufacturer could have built the trust with another product though.

How does the customer know the quality without using the product at least once? how come a customer can decide the product is value for money? how does the customer know this product is right fit for his/her need?

There are numerous ways to reach the product to the customer

  • Traditional marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Advertisements
  • Print and electronic media
  • Offers, deals
  • Nice big holdings

but these are from manufacturer end so have pretty less impact compare to a customer voice who had already used the product. This is known as word of mouth. Why word of mouth is so powerful? eventually all the customers have common interest towards quality of the product but the manufacturer interest is making money.

For instance, If i say i am pretty decent, nice, handsome, principled gentleman do you really believe?

If someone else says the same about me you may believe. To build this type customer base how much time would it take for a manufacturer? honestly it may take more than five years and some times more than that. most valuable and precious thing in the business is creating trust ofcourse in the personal life as well.

If the product cares the customer, customer cares you
by Narasimha Mohan

There you go….to create the trust in short time we utilize Reviews, Ratings and feedback.

Few words about the product from the customer is a Review

scaling the worth of the product with numbers or stars is a Rating. Both plays vital role to shoot up the sales.

So never ignore to care for customer Review, Ratings and feedback

I got some great free tool to take feedback from your customers. Remember customer engagement is very important.

Take a look at the product demo from User report

Care for every customer review, all the best

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