How to build branding in early days of your startup

What is branding? Brand is make of a product, branding is reputation of that make. However, the word BRAND has its significance because brand means grand in people’s mind. For instance, we look for MacDonald’s or Subway logo instead of looking for an EXIT to stop and refresh in a long drive . Do you need any other classic example than this? Well, how to build branding in early days of startup. It is a big topic to discuss, let me put it as short as possible in this article.

Ideally, it takes minimum 5- 10 years to build such a great brand. However, majority of the startups don’t have that luxury to wait years together in the current scenario. To my knowledge building a brand is in two ways 1. Building brand in customer’s mind 2. Building brand in customer’s heart. The second point doesn’t have any short ways. You need to be patient 🙂 However, let me take up the first point.

Building brand in customer’s mind:

Building brand in mind is the first step to build in the heart as building in heart takes longer time. How to do? What is the process?

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Originally published at on August 21, 2016.