How Narayana College Students Claim Maximum IIT Ranks Every Single Year

It’s no surprise that Narayana College students have been achieving remarkable ranks in all the major competitive exams. Of which, IIT examination has been renowned as one of the most stringent tests in the country. However, Narayana college students secured 89 ranks out of top 100 in IIT 2018 results. This is a truly outstanding result for the group and also the students.

Narayana Group Toppers IIT 2018

Not all colleges produce these kinds of results. Though, we acknowledge that students talent remains crucial to succeed in the examination, however not all colleges can provide the same results as Narayana does.

We dig a bit on how these kinds of results can be achieved and here what we understood;

Focusing on what matters the most

There are too many things that go into a students mind when they are preparing for a competitive exam. At core, all competitive exams syllabus remains the same. However, the difficulty level varies from exam to exam.
With such vastness of syllabus and choice of career options, students waste a lot of time wondering what to do further and how to prepare for competitive exams. At Narayana Group we make the vision clear and make students understand whats important for their career and focus on the same. Narayana understands that you cannot focus on too many things still achieve the same results.

Strict Regime and Schedule

A group of experts will sit down and prepare a tight schedule for the next two years. A lot of analysis and research will go behind on the all the unexpected outcomes that happen in the coming days.
A strict schedule will be outlaid, and the students will be trained based on those timelines. Narayana group makes sure to finish the syllabus prior and give enough time for students to practice for the examination.

Regular Tests for Students to track their performance

Preparation without performance tracking is worthless. Narayana keeps an eye on every student’s performance and their setbacks. Narayana, as well as the students, must keep tracking their performance and improve in those areas that they are lacking.
Narayana group conducts enough tests for the students to get habituated to the examination pattern. Once a student feels comfortable with his/her preparation, examination pattern is something they need not worry about since they will be appearing many of them before the main examination.

Great Faculty with Humongous Experience

Narayana hires the best professors with several years of experience in their consigned area. Additionally, Narayana deploys multiple teachers/professors to help students clarify their doubts. So, if one student is not comfortable with specific faculty, they will still be left with numerous options to clarify their doubts.

Counselling Bright Student to Guide them on Right Path

Even being talented some students fall back on certain things, and they struggle to bounce back.
Narayana Group understands that every student has got their ups and downs during their preparation. Acknowledging the same, Narayana Group counselors will talk to students personally in solving their problems and bouncing back immediately.
As they are competing with students all over the country, every student must remember the fierce competition they are facing. A small setback will give an edge to another student who competes.

Perfect Environment for Students with Different Grades

Not every student has got the same level of IQ and understanding over their subject. Narayana Group segregates students based on their abilities thus avoiding any intimidation from their peers.
This not only avoids intimidation but also helps them in improving their subject since the faculty who will be teaching knows what level a particular batch of students is at.
However, upon some students improving their performance over a period will be promoted to a level higher than he/she has been qualified initially.

Career Plan since the beginning (for those who joined Narayana Techno Schools)

Though this is entirely optional, some parents opt Narayana Techno schools for their children from the beginning. This not only makes their strong at their fundamentals but also lays a solid foundation for the future.

Considering all the measures, it’s no wonder why Narayana Group secures best ranks in every competitive exam.