Solving coin_artist’s first Decred puzzle

Narcélio Filho
Jan 26, 2017 · 2 min read

This was posted on Decred’s Twitter account yesterday:

First step is to download the rbM.gif file. Inside it there is another gif:

This is 64057r1d3r.gif, showing Decred making a buzz to Bitcoin:

“That’s a negative, Ghost Rider!”

It has another zip inside it. But it is protected by a password:

Let’s crack it:

Password is “Top Gun” in 1337 speak: 70p6un.

This is the 60053.rtf document:

You can use some online decoder like to convert hex and binaries to:

She flooded the land to enlarge her father’s kingdom
dashbicry sadbyrich cashbyrid

The text and the anagrams are about Charybdis. Searching for it on Google, I found this page:

It has a comment from coin_artist:

Those word are a Decred backup wallet seed. So, we just have to import it on

The prize was 40 DCR!

Narcélio Filho

Written by

Coder, cypherpunk, anarchist.

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