Podcasts for Programmers — Part 1 — Beginners
Rick West

Great list! Podcasts are phenomenal for utilizing that “in-between” time, and it honestly makes the difference between time wasted and time maximized at times. My personal fave is Jonathan on Developer Tea. He has such a soothing presence, and I’ve grown a lot just from listening to him while doing other things.

I also wanted to shamelessly (but tactfully 😉) plug that I host the La Vie en Code podcast, geared toward supporting self-taught students and career changers, from the perspective of someone who is both. I basically talk to everyone I can muster the energy to talk to who is in the process of teaching themselves to code, learn what I can about their frustration, relate it (when possible) to my experience, and talk about it. Equal parts interviews and solo episodes. I tend to talk about the softer parts of web development: anxiety and learning frustrations, science-based brain hacks for retaining knowledge, learning your idea visual medium, etc, since it’s a less frequently-explored area.

Anyway, please keep writing, and if you give the LVEC Podcast a listen, let me know what you think. 😊

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