I came across Treehouse while freelancing as one of my client told me.
Ammar Khan

Great observations, Ammar! I find each of Treehouse’s instructors has their own unique flair that contributes to their teaching style. Above all, I’ve always felt like Treehouse’s strength has been in breadth rather than depth. That gap between the two is narrowing with every passing year of their existence, but their Tracks have doubled since I first started with them in 2012!

I haven’t tried PluralSight yet, but have heard their name floating around the net. Will check them out.

The Techdegree program really is amazing, and I’ll probably write more about that in the future. That additional student outreach, validation/constructive criticism, and guidance makes a world of difference, versus simply going it on your own. The course is like a bootcamp for students who respond best to video courses, where they can extend total control over the education they’re paying for. I’ve had wonderful conversations with Techdegree and general Treehouse students about their own learning journeys, as well.

Unfortunately, Treehouse doesn’t offer Techdegree discounts. ☹️ I wish!

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