The Ivory Pill

You are over-medicated. You are inundated with information, theories, arguments, imagery, ideology, literal toxic medication, telepathic warfare, Gnostic interference, and a rapid stream of dogmatic evangelicals banging on your door offering riches and wonders if you could only just follow their simple worldview without missing a beat. Yet, here you find yourself entertaining another, you foolish small-minded child. Yes, you have failed to listen to the Ted Kaczynski fanboys and the Zizekian doomsday pessimists. You’re still online, still reading, still listening, still participating, still bathing in the unholy pool of high pitched emotionally stunted white noise. And that’s okay. 
The idea that we can escape from society, push our problems away, scoff at the rabble as they mindlessly go about their silly little lives is as absurd as it is immature. In a surprising turn, the show Black Mirror has begun to get the criticism it deserves for its tired and played out attempt at thought-provoking satire and social commentary. As cynical and shallow as most of the snarky sarcastic criticism may be, it is still a step in the right direction for our pessimistic world. Black Mirror represents the height of the uninteresting worldview that calls for some vague response to a rapidly changing technology fueled society without providing any sort of game plan or new thought. It brings nothing to the table, its better contributions at best being a retreading of Baudrillard or Debord, and instead taps into a mix of “Whoa dude” reactions and intrinsic fear that we are living our lives in an unhealthy and inherently incorrect way. 
This is not to say that the world is not dark. The world is very dark. It is scary and violent and deceptive. But, it is also human. We cannot reject it, we cannot push it away. We can wait for revolution, do our best to stoke it, but in the mean time there is no sense in running to the woods, no sense in basking in a bitter cynicism. And so I present to you the “Ivory Pill”. Yet another ideologue, berating you with barely half-baked ideas and barely thought our theoretical assumptions about the world around us. Nevertheless, let us examine the Ivory Pill Manifesto as I have considered it so far within the past 2 hours at most.

The Ivory Pill:
1) Ivory thought is neither pessimism nor optimism. It is acceptance, both of suffering and of love. 
2) It is denial of denial. 
3) The foundation of ivory can be thought of in a single phrase: “Dancing in the acid rain.” An acceptance of the horrors of the modern world, and a decision to live a happy life within it nonetheless. 
4) The Ivory Pill is not apolitical, but it is also not tied to a certain set of politics. You can be an ivory communist, if you wish, or you can be some other sort of ivory radical. 
5) The Christian gospels, for the most part, are Ivory Pilled. Turn the other cheek, first shall be last and last shall be first, blessed are the meek, love your neighbor, etc are all Ivory Pilled.
6) The Ivory Pill bears much resemblance to humanism, but it wishes to detach itself from the negative connotations of humanism and its expectation of an inherently good man. Mankind contains great beauty and capability, but it is flawed and there is not necessarily a happy ending for our species.
7) The only form of evangelicalism a ivory pilled individual takes is love and acceptance of the suffering of others. Ivory lifts up those around us, bears their burdens, and does it with a smile. 
8) Ivory is nuanced, it is transient, it is fluid.
9) Wow you really read this far you sure are taking me seriously
10) Ivory smiles upon those who lash out at the word, it is sympathetic to their nature, it is understanding of the wish to confront the problem of evil with anger and bitter resentment. These people are noble, in a way. And yet, they are submitting themselves to an unnecessary and unhelpful pain.
11) Ivory thought seeks not to forgo fixing problems, but to approach them head on with a clear mind and a confidence in our own ability. 
12) There is suffering in love and love in suffering.

In reality, there is no pill. There is nothing for you to swallow, to submit to, to partake in. There is only an afterglow of another world. Dance in the acid rain, cry with a smile, fall in love with the post-apocalyptic babes, share your last piece of bread with your neighbor, forgo a restless mind, and go to sleep in the arms of another.

Don’t take me seriously please I don’t have to intellectual fortitude to respond to criticism.