My Hopes for You

I hope you don’t eat too much junk food and remember to drink water.

I hope you put on your seat belt and never ever text and drive.

I hope you learn to take joy in life’s fleeting moments and never lose sight of what is important.

I hope you go to places that humble you and have long conversations that challenge you.

I hope you read books that make you think and listen to music that leaves you in awe.

I hope you get lost in random cities and stumble upon hidden treasures.

I hope you make friends that push you forward and stay away from those who don’t.

I hope you have parents that listen to you and have children that teach you.

I hope you fall in love and share a life being kind to one another.

I hope you live for others, and never stop saying thank you.

I hope you inspire and feel yourself inspired.

I hope you change with each passing season, and never stop learning.

I hope you grow old and when it’s time to go, I hope it is in the arms of those you love and in the warmth of your home.

But whatever happens, I hope you create a life that you can be proud of and if someone asks you if you are happy, I hope you say yes… and mean it.

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