A short love story

Chapter 1: All her friends are in love and she does not think she even knows the concept.

Chapter 2: She thinks there’s a hole inside her. She feels around her body; there are holes everywhere, in fact.

Chapter 3: She is convinced by her friend Dana to go to a party. She stands by the plate of chocolate chip cookies for most of the time. A guy comes up to her and asks her, “Is there a secret password I must say so I can have one of your cookies?”

Chapter 4: The boy and her leave the party and walk under the night sky. She feels like the sun is not present because it sits in her chest. She is light.

Chapter 5: They fall in love. Yes, it’s that easy. Takes only a chapter. A sentence. Two words.

Chapter 6: She learns that love can be one of the most beautiful feelings in the world.

Chapter 7: His attention to her makes her love herself. She walks like she owns life.

Chapter 8: She also learns that love can feel like a prison.

Chapter 9: When he is not with her, she stands in front of the mirror. She looks for herself. She cannot find herself. Is it because she is his and no longer her own?

Chapter 10: He doesn’t say her name. Sometimes when they walk under the night sky, it feels heavy on her shoulders. She wishes to see the sun.

Chapter 11: Dana asks her, “Are you happy?” She replies, “Yes.” Then she sobs.

Chapter 12: She takes him and they stand in front of the mirror. “I don’t understand,” he tells her. She looks at his reflection. He looks like himself, not hers. “You don’t have to,” she replies.

Chapter 13: She learns the meaning of her name. Noor. It means light.

Chapter 14: She does not need to stand in front of a mirror because she understands a different kind of love.

Chapter 15: She thinks: maybe holes in my soul never existed in the first place.