Synched. 2

This one is good:

So, about two weeks ago, I had a conversation with my cousin about synchronicity via Facebook, I tried to give him personal examples that I’ve experienced and did my best to explain it to him so he could apply it to his belief system. Him being a devout Christian and me being a skeptic of the idea of orginized religion, we have had plenty of discussions centered around existence. It’s no exageration when I say that the entirety of last Christmas dinner was spent talking/debating about his religion and my ideas about creation and existence. Luckily he is a level headed Christian and can have constructive conversations and not get offended. But anyway, this conversation was different because since our last conversation, on Christmas, I’ve learned more about Synchronicity and have been practicing the art of engaging the universe to my benefit. This conversation was also different because I noticed him to be more interested in the idea and closer to accepting the possibility of synchronicity. He was asking questions and seemed genuinely interested. As the conversation got more in-depth we decided that we should get together and talk more in person. We did so.

Two days later we met up for dinner at the diner and talked for about 3–4 hours. Synchronicity and existence were the main, if not the only topics of conversation for the night. Throughout the night I felt we were moving towards a conclusion we could both be satisfied with. The conversation was all leading up to two key moments. Now, I can’t exactly remember what I had said, but it was something that seemed to push the conversation further to a conclusion (if there ever is a conclusion with these conversations) and right after I finished my sentence me and him moved our feet in such a way that they colided. I took this as a sign of not just him hearing me out, but again us getting to a conclusion we could both accept, having two different perspectives about life… But if that doesn’t get you, this will.. maybe ten minutes after that, we had made another leap in the conversation, which had now mixed itself with his religious beliefs, and just as mental walls were broken by the exchange of words, the lights brightened… not for a moment.. not a flicker.. They had simply brightened and remained brighter. Sure, you can say: Well so I’m sure a waitress just turned the lights up. Okay, yes this means you have a working brain that can make it from point A to point B. Synchronicity is not something that plays with the laws of the universe, like I said, it IS a law of the universe. When these synchronictic events take place.. they are always in line with the laws of our physical world. Think about the universe as a machine, with an infinite amount of gears working inside of it. An infinite amount of gears shifting, and parading, and doing things no gear of our perceivable reality could ever dream of doing. Synchronicity does not say: Light-switch! on!.. And boom a light turns on. No, synchronicity says: This person must be born in this exact location and at this exact moment for them to turn on this light switch in 44 years at this diner in-order for this man to understand me. See, humans have a tendency to be afriad of feeling inferiour. And we go to extreme lengths to stroke our egos. There’s a very large case for saying that our egos are our biggest obstacle, from one on one interaction to wars being started. We have to accept the fact that we are simply humans, and even worse, humans that don’t even maximize their own potential. We don’t even know everything there is to know about our own earth, let alone the universe, let alone our very existence. My point is that, synchronicity is as mind boggling as it gets, and that’s totally fine, it’s scary, but does that mean it isn’t possible? What if, there was a way, a magical way, to bring all you want into fruition? Wouldn’t it be worth a try? And to explain the signifigance of the lights brightening, becauase there is always a reason for these moments, they are always to show you something or communicate something to you. Our feet colliding, and the lights brightening at those exact moments communicated a sense of unification and enlightenment that not only brought understanding and clarity but also brought our souls closer together.

And time for the finally: So fast forward to yesterday, two days after the diner conversation. I’m backing out of my driveway and guess who drives by? Bingo! Cuzo! Now, to be fair we live on the same street, but again consider the proibablity of him leaving his house at the time I decided to leave my house? I had no where to be at a specific time, and had procrastinated and left later than I had planned. So I pull out behind him and we’re both at the stop sign at the end of my street, we wave, he takes his left and I take my right. Now at this time, I’m aware of the synchronicty of the moment, but not entirely sure what it’s purpose was beyond maintaining the spiritual connection we had just strengthened. Later, I would figure out why…

I was checking Facebook about an hour later, and I see my cousins most recent statues. He says how he almost didn’t go to class this morning but in the end decided he should go, and did so. He gets to class with the rest of the students and they end up waiting until they find out that the professer had called out. His natural first reaction being, well what the fuck, why did I even come? Then he overheard a classmate say how he had taken the train to get to school and had no way of getting back at that time. My cousin thought to himself.. This is why you decided to come to class. He gave the kid a ride back to his house out of the goodness of his heart and said proudly that he made a new friend because of it. As they were talking on the ride home the kid had mentioned he had not talked to anyone else in the school, well because no one else had talked to him and he didn’t have the courage to talk to anyone else. Seems like he needed a friend.

There’s a lot to digest with this one. I’m gonna try to put the importance of the moment into a sentence: My cousin drove past me as I backed out of my driveway after having a synchronictic moment of his own where by the grace of the universe he made a new friend and imporved another humans life, days after having an in-depth conversation about synchronicty where two blantant displays of the phenomena happned on sight. Also I want to add, him driving past me was not only important to my life experience, but was actually more impactful for him. By him seeing me at that moment, just after acting on a synchronictic opportunity, days after our conversation, the universe gives him a stamp of approval. And with that stamp of approval comes an indescribable sensation that leaves you in complete awe and bliss, it’s truley a unique experience when you recognize and appreciate that we as humans have a force looking out for our best interest and that, that force is as natual as gravity.

I think I got everything in there. And I hope it was clear and to the point. I had another pretty potent experience later in the day that began the day before. Synchronictic moments often start at one point in time and have moments of resurfacing and then an end point, which would where the entire chain of events would make sense and be easiest to interpret. I’ll talk about that experience tomorrow, unless of course something else more potent happens.


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