Unless the men who wrote The Decliration of Independence were as hypocritical as the actions of American’s past and present actions reveal them to be (which I doubt they weren’t. I can easily imagine a story in which they were claiming to be riding themselves of a tyrant in their King, roaming for a land where they could explore potentials, when in reality they saw a system that had room for improvement, and the only potentials they were interested in exploring were the potentials of perception control), then the America that was originally birthed is gone. Because The Declaration of Independence obligates the people to overthrow a government that is destructive to their well being. But in the case they were as hypocritical: again, I wouldn’t be the least bit shocked. I believe there is a predictable beginning to our story. That if we could have been inside those rooms where America was discussed: one half of us would be overcome with an inner ricochet of calm and rage, and the other half would begin to instincticly rearrange their thoughts to formulate arguments that would reposition their Champion away from the grotesque character they embodied as they talked of freedom as an idea they could distract us with. My point is, we all have our own definitions of freedom.