Fear and Loathing at AfrikaBurn
Kurt Siegfried

who pissed off little kurt?

Get over yourself Kurt. Your whining smacks of a toddler who has been caught doing something he shouldn’t have, and who is now staring at his parents with a mix of teary-eyed self-pity, and self-justified hatred.

If you feel so strongly , go ahead and launch your own event. You seem to know exactly what is required to stage something that is uniquely humanistic and profoundly anti-establishment. Why, You could stamp out all the social injustices of this world once and for all, and show every one of those “white, knee-jerk brainstorming burners” how social change should really be approached. Give me a break…

Blatantly stereotyping people according to the color of their skin, their profession or their industry just smacks of a total naiveté towards South-African society, our history, and our diverse, complex culture. Blatantly ranting and raving about the inequality between rich, priveledged whites and poor, undermined, left-out blacks, and then adding a footnote stating “there is no such thing as race”, is as ridiculous as your repeated apartheid references.

While I do agree with a lot you are saying, the extremely negative sentiment that your piece echoes is what annoys me about your type. You are not really doing anything constructive to fix the problem you perceive to exist. Like an old lady who wet herself, you merely whine and complain, in the hope that someone will eventually grow tired of your sobbing, wipe your vagina and dress you in a dry panty…