Narelle Ford
Mar 11 · 2 min read



To the Editor of the Bulletin

I am employed as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the CSIRO.

We first became aware of the Coronavirus (now known as Covid-19) in late November 2019. We were hampered developing our knowledge of the virus because of Chinese secrecy. But from what we were told we knew this virus had the potential to be serious.

Consulting existing protocols the Federal Health Minister’s office and the Office of the Prime Minister were sent a number of detailed briefing notes outlining what definitive measures would need to be put in place to protect Australia.

By December more details became available and Australian researchers were able to culture the Coronavirus. Working with the cultured virus will. allow researchers over time to develop better treatments as well as diagnostics by detecting antibodies specific to 2019-nCoV.

But the operative word here is time.

So far the CSIRO has been destroyed by successive Liberal Governments who have cut budgets and reduced key staff. Many of our experienced researchers have left Australia seeking employment elsewhere, all because the Federal Government has a policy of privatizing the CSIRO.

What we have learned is the Federal Government sat on its hands when it was advised this virus had the potential to have a devastating effect on Australia, it appears the main. concern Scott Morrison and others had was protecting commercial interests above the interests of Australia’s citizens.

One of our first recommendations was stopping overseas travel both inwards and outwards and stopping the airlines. As it turns out the Airlines have provided the Coronavirus with the perfect vector to spread the virus worldwide, so far all our fears have been proven correct.

Yet despite the clear advice of medical scientists and researchers, the Government placed the viability of the worlds airlines above all else. We also know the Federal Government is also working on commercial strategies to keep the mining industry functioning above all else.

Sadly the cat is now out of the bag all because of Federal Government inaction.

Its predicted this virus will take at least another 6 months or more to run its course throughout the Australian population with people older than Seventy being most at risk.

If the Australian people want some one to blame for this scandal, Scott Morrison is your man.

Georgina J

Post Doctoral Research Fellow


(Narelle has Published This On behalf of The Bulletin on Facebook.)

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