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This Blog is to share my experience for the Virtual Internship Program at LetsGrowMore Organisation as a Web Development Intern.

Hello everyone, Hope you all fine and you are be safe at this pandemic situation.

So, coming back to the topic of this blog, first of all I would like to thank Aman Kesarwani and the LetsGrowMore community for this doing amazing work and opportunity of Virtual Internship Program.


LetsGrowMore, is a ground-based organisation that aims at building the future through nourishing the present. We at LetsGrowMore believe in making our youth especially the students self-aware and exploring the untouched world of technology and tremendous growth-making fields and our belief finally took us where we are standing today. Today we are an officially MSME registered start-up with nearly 100+ people working under the same establishment.

“LetsGrowMore is a community of the students, for the students and by the students.”


The Web Developer virtual Internship consisted of 3 tasks in total , out of which we needed to complete at least 2 of them for the Internship completion & certification from LetsGrowMore(organisation).

I have completed the TASK-1 and TASK-2 before doing this tasks, I had learned the concepts and implementation which I had gained in this duration of Internship. The Tasks which were assigned included the concepts which one while performing can easily gain a good grasp even a beginner.

TASK 1-Create a Single Page Website

This task is to determine your understanding of HTML, CSS and Javascript skills along.We believe in an agile work process and collaborate with each other to be on the same page of the development process we use .This Task helps me to gain more knowledge about CSS,HTML, JAVASCRIPT

TASK 2-Create a web application using create-react-app

Create a User card grid layout having a navbar showing any brand name. Add a button in the navbar saying ‘Get Users’, which makes an API call to get the user data. Show a loader while the API fetches the data. Use custom CSS/SASS/styled-components.

At last I recommend to do this virtual internship on Web Development and those who are to do internship this is a right place to do it. It would surely boost and enhance the confidence and the concepts of the desired internship.

This is a link :

Thank you😊😊Thank You…😊😊



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